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Happy Data Privacy Day!

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Today is Data Privacy Day! Of course, every day should be data privacy day. But this is a good opportunity to start taking your online privacy seriously.

Data Privacy Day
January 28 is Data Privacy Day!

Are your passwords strong and secure? Have you turned off the geo-location feature on your mobile phone when you are not using it? Do you always scan email attachments for viruses and malware? Do you use a VPN to protect your Wi-Fi connection?

Each year, more than 11 million people in the US are victims of identity fraud and $110 billion is lost as a result of cybercrime. It is the #1 consumer complaint to the FTC and increasing at 20% a year. Here at Hotspot Shield, we work hard daily for your privacy, and we would love for you to take action so you can relax with the assurance your online activities are 100% secure.

Our CEO, David Gorodyansky, provides a few simple ways on how you can keep your online data private and secure. In this article, he outlines how you can protect yourself online just by making simple changes to your online habits. Check it now.

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