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AnchorFree Provides Users in Turkey Free, Unlimited Access to Hotspot Shield to Blocked Social Media Sites Twitter and YouTube

AnchorFree Provides Users in Turkey Free, Unlimited Access to Hotspot Shield to Blocked Social Media Sites Twitter and YouTube

Yesterday, Turkish citizens turned to Hotspot Shield to circumvent blocks by Turkey on Twitter and YouTube. Within the first two hours, over 100,000 users in Turkey downloaded Hotspot Shield to securely access YouTube and Twitter. We have already seen daily installations of Hotspot Shield in Turkey increase by 889.19 percent on iOS; and by 1019.17 percent on Android. Additionally, Hotspot Shield became the #1 app on Productivity and #8 overall on iOS in Turkey. Turkey also threatened to ban Google.

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At AnchorFree our mission is to provide secure access to the world’s information for every person on the planet. We support any citizen’s freedom to access all of the world’s information on the Internet. Therefore we have removed all bandwidth and time limitations for citizens in Turkey to use Hotspot Shield freely and securely to access Twitter and YouTube on smartphones, tablets, and computers. On Android and desktop, the use of Hotspot Shield is already free, because it’s ad-supported. On iOS, users in Turkey will be able to use Hotspot Shield to access Twitter and YouTube apps even after their trials or subscriptions expire.

In March 2014, Turkish citizens had experienced the same thing where the Turkish government blocked access to Twitter. Within the first 48 hours, over 2 million Turkish users had installed Hotspot Shield and received secure access to Twitter. During Arab Spring in 2010, over 1 million Egyptians installed Hotspot Shield when the Egyptian government blocked access to Facebook and Twitter. AnchorFree is proud to be providing millions of users all around world with access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube when they’re blocked. AnchorFree has played huge roles in most major world events by providing users with access to blocked content and securing their connections, protecting them from malware, hackers and identity thieves.

We will continue to support Turkish citizens to make sure they have safe, private access to Twitter, Youtube and other social sites should access be blocked again.

David Gorodyansky David Gorodyansky is an American entrepreneur and the CEO of AnchorFree, a company he co-founded in 2005 with Eugene Malobrodsky. AnchorFree is the developer of Hotspot Shield, the most trusted privacy and security app with over 600 million downloads.

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