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Safer Internet Day: Connect with Respect!

Safer Internet Day: Connect with Respect!

image_galleryFebruary 5 marks the 10th annual “Safer Internet Day”, which promotes internet safety around the world. Hotspot Shield was recently featured on Good Morning America for a segment on Safer Internet Day. The internet can never be safe as there have been numerous stories on password breaches and hacker attacks in the news lately. So today, we would like to remind you to be more smart and responsible when using the internet on your computer and mobile device.

There are many ways to stay safe on the internet: Use a VPN like Hotspot Shield. Create secure passwords. Change your Privacy Settings in social media. Take action now and spread the word about Safer Internet Day with friends, family and others in your community and social networks.

Watch Hotspot Shield on Good Morning America and learn more ways to stay safe online by clicking here.

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