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7 Great alternatives to uTorrent and BitTorrent

7 Great alternatives to uTorrent and BitTorrent

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The BitTorrent network is among the most popular avenue of sharing files since the emergence of torrent networks. While the validity of the files being transferred are often cast into doubt (read: illegally downloaded music and movies), there’s no doubt that torrents are an important part of internet sharing.

There are a couple of popular clients that are usually used to download these torrented files – uTorrent and the BitTorrent client itself being the foremost of these. However, if you find yourself needing another client, here are some options you can consider.


Formerly known as Azerus, Vuze has become one of the more popular clients to run torrents through. Coming with a plethora of features such as an in-client torrent browser, media playback support and integration with Android and Itunes, it’s a good client to run for your general torrents.


This client is more suited to those who want to download torrents with minimal fuss, as well as some sort of security while doing so. With several security features like password protection, anonymous mode and the ability to define which network you want to join for particular transmissions of data, this client does the job with little trouble.

Technically speaking, Filestream isn’t a client – it’s a site that allows you to upload torrents you’ve found and download them through your web browser, saving you the installation space. While the free version has some limitations such as limiting torrents up to 300 MB, it can serve as a useful tool when you need to download a small file in a pinch.


Transmission is a client that makes the fullest use out of the features you can get with Mac and Linux systems. Services like the Mac Daemon process are useful when you need to keep torrents running on a specific OS while also doing something else, and the open-source base of the client can lend itself to some imaginative coding by any talented programmer.


Yet another Linux client (but with Mac and OS versions), Deluge’s greatest strength arguably lies in its plug-ins. Features like an email notified and scheduler make downloading torrents much easier to keep track of, while the auto RSS downloader can help with keeping your files up to date (if you’re following a specific RSS feed.)


FrostWire’s in-client search capabilities allow it to scan several websites for a specific torrent at once. This client is also available on multiple devices and operating systems, which will come in handy if you happen to listen to the many internet radio shows it also streams.


With remote access and virus scanning, BitComet remains one of the most secure and versatile torrent clients. With the function to turn off the client once the files you’re downloading are done, as well as accelerate downloads and long-term seeding, it remains one of the best torrent programs out there.

Those are some of the clients you can use for downloading files from torrents. It can also help to have the best security VPN installed on your device, to make sure that your browsing and torrenting is as private and as secure as you can get.

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