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How to Watch Australian Channels Outside Australia

How to Watch Australian Channels Outside Australia

If you’re a fan of Australian entertainment, you may find your options a bit lacking in the states or elsewhere. Whether you’re an Australian native or a fan who discovered shows like Cleverman abroad, you can regain access to your favorite shows using streaming and on-demand websites and services. The only roadblock is your location. As you may have realized, most Australian entertainment is restricted to viewers in Australia. Fortunately, there’s a simple way around this that will have you binging on your favorite shows in no time.

Understanding geo-restrictions

Geo-restrictions are pesky online rules designed to keep certain content exclusive to local viewers. If you live in Australia, you can get online and watch dozens of local television shows streaming either live or on demand. If you’re outside the country, however, the content on these sites is blocked. If you’re wondering how websites can know where you’re watching from, it all comes down to your IP address. This number identifies your location, so geo-restricted web pages can recognize you as a visitor from outside the designated area and close off the appropriate content.

Fortunately, geo-restrictions aren’t really as restrictive as they seem. You can bypass them by accessing these sites through a remote server. This gives you a seemingly local IP address, even though you might be watching from across the globe. The key is to use a Virtual Private Network ( VPN). Access the Internet with a VPN like Hotspot Shield, and you can hide your IP address, making your traffic appear as though it’s from almost anywhere, including various locations in Australia.

Setting up your VPN

To access content exclusive to Australia, you’ll need to use a VPN with Australian servers, such as Hotspot Shield Elite. Hotspot Shield’s free mode won’t cut it for this job because it offers only U.S. locations. With Elite, you can access 25+ virtual locations, including Australia.

Getting connected is easy. Just download Hotspot Shield to your viewing device and log in to your Elite account. Set your virtual location to Australia and head to the site or service that you want to use. Hotspot Shield will mask your real IP address so that you look like a local and have access to all the Australian channels you want. Channel 7 Entertainment

Get Hotspot Shield Elite

Channel 7 Entertainment

Channel 7, or Plus7, offers both live and on-demand streaming. This channel carries such popular shows as Downton Abbey, My Kitchen Rules, Good Times, The Muppets, Benson, and First Dates. The site asks for your postcode before you begin but having the right numbers isn’t enough to get you in; you’ll also need a matching IP address to prove you’re in Australia before you can start viewing.

Streaming Channel 9

Local streaming for Channel 9 is available for NSW, QLD, SA, WA, and VIC. The remote VPN that you use for this channel will impact the feed that you get. NSW and NT get the Sydney feed. The Melbourne feed is available for VIC and TAS. WA receives the Perth feed. The Brisbane feed goes to QLD, and the Adelaide feed is received by SA. In the future, Channel 9 streaming may also include 9Gem, 9Go!, and 9Life.

ABC iView Shows

iView gives you access to the ABC programs shown on ABC Sydney NSW. This includes The Katering Show, Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Clangers, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Good Game Pocket, Jamillah and Aladdin, Open Heart, and more.

Watching SBS

SBS streams news, television shows, and movies on demand. Catch up on the latest happenings around the world with Arabic news, Spanish news, Punjabi news, Serbian news, and more. Catch up with NITV shows like Go Girls, Defining Moments, and Watchers of the North. Head to the Food Network for Mystery Diners, Chopped Junior, Cutthroat Kitchen, and other delectable shows.

Keeping up with Presto

Presto offers must-see television shows and movies. You can catch popular favorites like Scandal, The Affair, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory. Home-grown Australian picks abound with options including The Slap, Tangle, A Place to Call Home, and Wentworth. You’ll also find Presto exclusives such as American Crime and Home and Away: An Eye for An Eye.

Connecting to Stan

Stan bills itself as “the biggest deal in entertainment” and it has some compelling reasons to do so. This streaming service offers both movies and television. Catch hot picks like Billy and Billie, Workaholics, and Awkward with this Australian subscription service.

Sign up with a reliable VPN like Hotspot Shield Elite and you can increase your security and privacy while bypassing geo-restrictions to your favorite Australian content.


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