Blog USA Today Tech Recommends Hotspot Shield VPN to Mobile Users
The AnchorFree Team May 9, 2013

USA Today Tech Recommends Hotspot Shield VPN to Mobile Users

Hotspot Shield for iPhoneYou may have used a VPN for your computer, but have you ever considered using a VPN for your mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet? It is just as important! Our mobile devices have become a part of our daily lives and it seems that we simply can’t live without them. We use our smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, send and receive information, access personal accounts, etc. When you connect to WiFi without a VPN, your mobile device becomes more vulnerable to malicious hackers and identity thieves. Marc Saltzman, a Tech Evangelist of USA Today Tech, discusses the benefits of using VPNs and how Hotspot Shield VPN can keep your online sessions on your mobile device private and secure. Check out Marc’s review on Hotspot Shield VPN for iOS mobile devices.

TIP: Using Hotspot Shield VPN also compresses data, which means that you use less data when you browse the web! Using less data = Save money on your data plan!

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