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The Best Ways to Watch Tennis French Open Online

The Best Ways to Watch Tennis French Open Online

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Now that Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic cleaned up the honors at the Australian Open in February, it’s time for tennis lovers to start prognosticating on the French Open, which opens on May 19. Some burning questions on everyone’s mind: Will Rafael Nadal pull off an upset and take home his 10th French Open win, especially after his rough start this year? Will Madison Keys live up to her breakthrough performance in Australia? Will Roger Federer crash and burn? How can I watch the tournament if I can’t make it to Paris?

While no one can answer the first three questions without a crystal ball, the answer to the fourth is crystal clear. Check out how to catch all the tennis action from anywhere in the world right on your computer or mobile device.

Where to Find Coverage of the French Open

There are lots of outlets broadcasting coverage of the French Open games. If you are in the U.S., NBC will be covering the tournament, as it has for the past 30-plus years. In addition, cable channels ESPN 2 and the Tennis Channel are also covering the events. You can stream live coverage online through NBC Sports Live Extra for free… as long as you have a local US TV subscription.

If you subscribe to the Tennis Channel through your cable provider, you can download the Tennis Channel Everywhere app and watch on your mobile device for free. The WatchESPN app is available for free to subscribers and streams content from all of the network’s channels, including coverage of the French Open.

Britain’s ITV Player (UK channel) and France 2 (French channel) are also streaming live coverage of the tournament, beginning with the first match on Sunday, May 24 at 11:00 GMT and do not require any paid subscription. Both players are location restricted, so if you aren’t physically in the country, the site will block you. But we have a work around for you! Read below, we’ll give you the trick.

How to Use Hotspot Shield to Watch the French Open

Hotspot Shield makes it easy to avoid geo-restrictions and watch the French Open from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection. Hotspot Shield is a virtual private network (VPN) that lets you access live streaming sites through a proxy server that gives you a virtual location compatible with the host’s IP address. For example, if you are enjoying a Caribbean vacation in Cozumel, you can select the U.S. as your location and live stream coverage exactly as you would at home in your living room.

As an added bonus, especially for those using mobile to stream content from a public network or Wi-Fi hotspot, the Hotspot Shield protects you from hackers and safeguards your personal information by encrypting all your internet traffic.

Step-by-Step Guide to Watch Live Streaming of French Open Games

Ready to get started using Hotspot Shield to stream the French Open? Follow these simple steps.

1) Turn on Hotspot Shield on your device. The Hotspot Shield app is available on desktop for Windows and Mac, as well as on mobile devices (iOS, Android). Click below to get your free download:

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial on iTunes

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial Direct

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial on Android

2) Upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite version to have access to multiple virtual locations (e.g. UK virtual location is required to access ITV player from outside UK). Click here to upgrade. With the Elite membership, benefit from an Ad-free browsing experience, protect up to 5 devices simultaneously, and get unlimited & unrestricted access to your favorite content.

3) Sign in to your Hotspot Shield Elite account, turn “on” the protection and select “United Kingdom” or the country from where you would like to stream the French Open live online.

4) Now, you’re connected to the Internet virtually from the virtual location of your choice. You may visit whatismyipaddress.com to check that you have a new IP address and your location is where you want it to be! We recommend to clear your browser’s cookies prior to checking your IP address.

If you wish to stream as if you were in the UK, go to ITV player, click “Register Now”, use this link to find an active UK postal code doogal.co.uk, make sure to use a valid email address and click register.

5) Now you are ready to start streaming the action live and access much more great content!

If you don’t have time to watch the entire French Open—and let’s face it, who does?—here are dates and times of more important matches.

Round Four concludes on Monday, June 1, with the 11:00 GMT match. The quarterfinals are Tuesday and Wednesday at 14:00 GMT, the semi-finals are Thursday and Friday at 14:00 GMT, and the Finals are Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 GMT. Don’t miss a minute of the French Open with your mobile device and Hotspot Shield.

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