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Stream Live Coverage of the US Golf Open | June 2015

Stream Live Coverage of the US Golf Open | June 2015

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The U.S. Open is quickly approaching, and golf fans across the country — and perhaps across the globe — are eager to see what will happen. This annual event will test the sport’s best players and experts. Expect the tournament to be particularly interesting this year because it will take place in a new location. What are some things to watch out for during the tournament? More importantly, how can you stream coverage of it so you don’t miss a swing?

This year, the U.S. Open will take place at the Chambers Bay golf course in University Place, Washington. This is the first time the tournament has come to the Pacific Northwest, making this year’s event something of a historical one. In fact, one of the holes on the course is effectively “two holes in one,” as one sports writer puts it, because the two sets of tees for it are so drastically different.

How will the challenging course play into the tournament’s outcome? Will Phil Mickelson win the tournament and complete a career grand slam? Will Tiger make an unexpected splash? How will Rory McIlroy fare? These key questions, and others, will receive their answers between June 15–21, 2015.

Where to Watch the Championship Online

If you’re going to be away from your TV, or you just want to be able to watch the tournament wherever you are, your options are limited. Fox Sports won the spot as the tournament’s major media partner, so you may need to subscribe to their channel through your cable provider. On your mobile device, you might try streaming through the Marquee Group, Holes 12 & 15, or U.S. Open 360°, although the times when those services will stream the tournament are yet to be determined. You can find a viewing schedule for the tournament here.

The tournament’s official website, usopen.com, will stream some parts of the tournament for free. After the action happens, you’ll be able to catch clips on websites of major names in sports including Fox, ESPN, and CBS.

Watching the U.S. Open from Anywhere

If you’ll be out of the country when the U.S. Open goes down or reside outside the U.S. and aren’t sure if you’ll be able to stream it from where you are, don’t worry. It is easy to step around location barriers so you can watch U.S. content from practically anywhere in the world. Follow these easy steps:

1) Turn on Hotspot Shield on your device. The Hotspot Shield app is available on desktop for Windows and Mac, as well as on mobile devices (iOS, Android). Click below to get your free download:

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial on iTunes

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You may opt to upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite version to get unlimited & unrestricted access to your favorite content, benefit also from an Ad-free browsing experience, protect up to 5 devices simultaneously and get access to multiple virtual locations (complete list available here). Learn more about the difference of Elite and Free modes of Hotspot Shield by visiting this resource.

3) After turning “on”  Hotspot Shield on your device, select “United States” in the virtual locations menu in order to access United States geo-restricted content.

4) Now, you’re connected to the Internet virtually from the “United States”. You may visit whatismyipaddress.com to check that you have a new IP address and your location is where you want it to be! We recommend to clear your browser’s cookies prior to checking your IP address.

5) Hop on one of the websites that is streaming the tournament, connect to US open live stream or the US channel’s website you wish to watch the event from and watch as the pros tackle the ups and downs of Chambers Bay.

If you have difficulties using Hotspot Shield and need support or have questions, contact us via our help desk. We will be happy to help!

This year’s U.S. Open promises to deliver some exciting incidents on the green. Thanks to online streaming and Hotspot Shield, catch every tee-time online!

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