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Online Anonymity: The Pros of Being Anonymous Online

Online Anonymity: The Pros of Being Anonymous Online

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.” Edward Snowden’s outspoken stance on internet privacy is taking hold in a major way according to 2013 data by the Pew Research Center. Most Internet users value online anonymity, with 86 percent saying they have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints, and 55 percent reporting that they have taken steps to avoid being observed by specific people, organizations, or governments.

Advantages of online anonymity

There are many advantages to being anonymous on the Internet. These include:

1. Free speech

Being anonymous online means being able to fully exercise freedom of speech. Through the use of unidentifiable pseudonyms, users are able to speak their minds using various opinion-sharing platforms like social media sites, blog hosting services, and even in the comments section of websites, without incurring judgment or backlash that may affect them in the real world.

2. Freedom of movement

Online anonymity provides freedom of movement, at least online, allowing users to conduct activities without being judged by others or directly observed by snoopers. A user can shop for any item online, watch and comment on a video, express support for any person or cause, or become a member of an online community, all without being judged in the real world.

3. An online persona

Establishing an online persona that is not associated with a user’s real name is possible because of online anonymity. This makes it easier to compartmentalize online hobbies and personal life separately, and can even lead to the establishment of online connections for those with the same interests.

4. Personal safety

With online anonymity, users wouldn’t have to worry too much about their personal safety being compromised as a result of whatever it is that they may be doing online. For example, a user can do whatever they want without others finding out where he or she lives and possibly inflicting physical injury.

5. Data security

Personal data is considered among the most valuable commodities on the internet, that’s why hackers go out of their way to obtain it. Being anonymous prevents hackers from getting access to sensitive information such personal data, credit card transactions, passwords, and banking information.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why most Internet users value online anonymity so much. However, with the current infrastructures supporting today’s Internet, users can become anonymous only to a certain degree. They must utilize other tools to achieve full anonymity while online.

Among the best tools to use for online anonymity is Hotspot Shield VPN, a free app that is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Installing this VPN onto your devices provides better anonymity while browsing online, which can be enjoyed with no strings attached.

Online anonymity with the free Hotspot Shield VPN

Utilizing advanced VPN technology, Hotspot Shield improves your anonymity by protecting both your identity and your online privacy. The software does this by masking your IP address and creating an encrypted tunnel for all your data to go through, providing the utmost protection for you while online.

Additionally, Hotspot Shield VPN provides a secure browsing experience by safeguarding your sensitive information while you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi, and blocking websites that are known to contain malware attacks, which is among the most common anonymity bypassing techniques.

Download the free version of Hotspot Shield VPN to secure your private information and enjoy the freedom of surfing the web freely.


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