Blog Online Content Access: Don’t Get Clicked Off
Team Pango April 16, 2013

Online Content Access: Don’t Get Clicked Off

Even if content providers or government restricts consumers from accessing censored content, there will always be a way to access it. The answer is the Internet. With digital streaming, people are able to watch certain tv shows and videos from all parts of the world. However, some content are still blocked in other countries. For example, the popular UK TV show called House of Cards, is now available on Netflix. However, Netflix is not available to all countries, therefore those countries will need to watch the show via Netflix UK or Netflix US. One way to access Netflix UK or US is through a VPN. Using a VPN is one technology that allows people to access content freely on the web anywhere around the world. As more content is restricted globally, the use of VPNs increases. Check out this Scribd Report which uses Hotspot Shield data from 2012 to demonstrate how the public turned to VPN technology during content restrictions.



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