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New Hotspot Shield Release For Mac!

New Hotspot Shield Release For Mac!

The latest Mac version of Hotspot Shield VPN, version 2.85, is now available to download! This version is only for Mac users with 64-bit hardware. If you have Hotspot Shield VPN for Mac, it will update itself automatically. For our new users, you can download Hotspot Shield Version 2.85 by clicking here. We also have an Ad-Free version called Hotspot Shield Elite, which can be purchased at the low price of $4.99/month.  Main new features include:

  • Pause Protection: Pause protection on your PC with Hotspot Shield anytime from 15 minutes or even up to an hour. Hotspot Shield will automatically reconnect after the time is up.
  • Virtual Location Selector: Choose your virtual location from US, UK or Australia

Hotspot Shield 2.85

Thank you to all of our Mac users for waiting patiently for this new release!

As for our PC users, there is a minor update of Hotspot Shield for you too! Hotspot Shield version 2.88 is now available for download. This version has improvements on performance for Windows 8 and maintenance. Version 2.88 will automatically update to your PC once you connect to Hotspot Shield.

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