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How to Have an Amazing World Cup Experience [Infographic]

How to Have an Amazing World Cup Experience [Infographic]

The 2014 FIFA World Cup event is less than 10 days away. This year’s greatest sporting event on Earth will be held in Brazil, where soccer (or “football” as what most people outside of the U.S. call it) and samba dancing are ways of life.

If you are the lucky few who will be traveling to Brazil to watch the games live, you can have an amazing experience with some planning and preparation. (The games will also be streamed online for free by BBC in case you want to watch some of the games live online for free).

We created the following infographic to provide you with some useful tips to ensure you have a safe and fun World Cup experience.

FIFA World Cup 2014 experience [infographic]

World Cup Give Away – Win Some Cool Prizes

Throughout the duration of the World Cup event, AnchorFree will be hosting 3 consecutive giveaways on our Facebook page. You can enter  the contest via our Facebook page for the chance to win a PS4 console, a FIFA14 game and a Hotspot Shield Elite 1 year license.

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