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AnchorFree Releases Hotspot Shield 3.0 for iOS


AnchorFree recently released a new version (version 3.0) of the Hotspot Shield app, for Apple iOS 8.0, with new features that make personal privacy, Wi-Fi security and access to the world’s information smarter, easier to use and more secure for iPhone, iPad and Android users.

The new Hotspot Shield 3.0 iOS Client has a completely different look and feel! Our goal is to make it as streamlined as possible to offer maximum ease of use, while offering you great protection and access to blocked sites.

New Features & Benefits

The new Hotspot Shield for iOS 3.0 offers you these features and benefits.

  • New Interface
  • Ease of operation
  • Only need to install profile once when installing HSS
  • No need to install Always-on or Manual Profiles
  • No need to install profiles when changing countries
  • Improved Support
  • 9 Virtual locations available on the Elite version: US, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India (via Singapore) and China

Turning VPN On/Off Directly from the application’s interface

Now you can turn VPN ON or OFF directly from our application’s interface. To do so, open Hotspot Shield application on your device and tap the ‘Protection Switch’ to turn the VPN ON or OFF. The status right under the Protection Switch as well as the VPN indicator or lack of one on the status bar at the top, will let you know if you are connected or disconnected from the VPN.

Switching Virtual Locations from the application’s interface

To switch Virtual Location and connect to a different geographical region you will need to open the Hotspot Shield application on your device and choose a Virtual Location from the application’s interface.  Once you tap on the desired location, it will take a moment to connect to the appropriate servers and your traffic will then be re-routed through the servers in the country of your choosing.

Contacting Support is easier

You can contact our customer and technical service representatives directly through the application. To do so, tap on the settings icon at the top right corner and tap ‘Contact Support’; an email will be recomposed for you. Please make sure to describe your issue to us where it says ‘Please enter your inquiry here:’ and then tap ‘Send’.


Our new version of Hotspot Shield for Android is ONLY compatible with the latest iOS 8.0 Operating system. If you haven’t already upgraded your iOS operating system to version 8.0, do so now so you can take advantage of the new features offered by Hotspot Shield 3.0 for iOS.

Download now the new Hotspot Shield 3.0 for iOS from the Apple store:

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