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How to unblock Happy Wheels at school

How to unblock Happy Wheels at school

More than one billion people play the Happy Wheels game online. Why? Because it’s addictive, free, and, well, because you just can’t help yourself. But how to do get Happy Wheels unblocked at school, or whenever you’re connected to a restricted WiFi network?

Here’s a simple and easy way to get the Happy Wheels full game unblocked for free.

Happy Wheels unblocked at school

There are many reasons why Happy Wheels may be blocked on your WiFi network. Schools often block games to keep students from getting distracted. Many offices also block games and streaming sites.

While we agree that playing games when you should be studying or working is not good, there could be times during a break when you’d like to fire up Happy Wheels and play. In this case, you’ll need to download Hotspot Shield VPN to get Happy Wheels unblocked.

How to unblock Happy Wheels with Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a free app that switches out your IP address to make you anonymous online. It works by routing your traffic through its secure servers, where the data is then scrambled. This means the WiFi network you’re connected to can’t see what sites or apps you’re visiting—and if it can’t tell you’re playing Happy Wheels, it can’t block you.

Follow these simple steps to get Happy Wheels unblocked at school:

Step 1: Download Hotspot Shield VPN for free from your app store.

Step 2: Open up the Hotspot Shield VPN app and press “connect”.

Step 3: With Hotspot Shield VPN now connected, go to your Happy Wheels game. You will now see it is unblocked.

Step 4: Enjoy Happy Wheels unblocked without restrictions — anytime, anywhere.

Happy Wheels unblocked at school | VPN

How to unblock games at school

Let’s be honest: If you like playing Happy Wheels, chances are you enjoy other games too.

Well, good news: Hotspot Shield VPN unblocks all sorts of different content, from movies to music to Netflix to Snapchat. And yes, Hotspot Shield VPN unblocks any game — think Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Pokemon, and so on — so no matter what content you need to access, Hotspot Shield VPN can help. Just follow the four steps above.

What else can Hotspot Shield VPN do?

As mentioned, Hotspot Shield VPN is awesome at accessing content (like getting Happy Wheels unblocked at school). But that’s not all it’s good for. Hotspot Shield VPN, at its core, is an internet security app. By scrambling your data and making you anonymous, it protects your online privacy and keeps your devices secure from hackers. It also protects against harmful malware and other online threats — so even if you’re not gaming, you should always keep Hotspot Shield VPN connected to maintain your privacy and security.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN free?

Yes, Hotspot Shield VPN is totally free. However, we also have our Premium version for as low as a $2.99 per month.

Hotspot Shield Premium offers a full suite of additional features, such as improved malware protection, connection for up to five devices, unlimited bandwidth (something you’ll want as a gamer), faster browsing speeds, and access to 29 virtual server locations around the world — meaning you can use Hotspot Shield VPN to trick a site into thinking you’re located in a different country (handy for accessing Netflix when abroad, for instance, or playing games that are only available in certain locations).

With 650 million users around the world, millions are happy with our free product. And you may be happy too. But if you want to try Premium for 7-days to make up your mind, you can sign up for a free trial when you install the app.

So what are you waiting for? Get Happy Wheels unblocked by downloading Hotspot Shield for free. Just click the button below. And check out our in-depth guide for more info on unblocking any game at school.

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Happy Wheels unblocked at school | VPN

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