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These Fortnite YouTube stars are being sued by Epic Games for cheating

These Fortnite YouTube stars are being sued by Epic Games for cheating

No one likes Fortnite cheats, but who knew it could lead to a lawsuit?

Epic Games, the maker of the insanely popular game Fortnite, is suing a couple of YouTube stars for promoting hacking software in their videos — effectively teaching their followers how to become Fortnite cheats.

The YouTubers in question are Colton Conter and Brandon Lucas. Lucas has over 1.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and has been posting regular videos demonstrating a slew of Fortnite cheats and hacks — and encouraging others to do the same. On Lucas’s personal website, he even sells hacking tools and Fortnite accounts that are preloaded with the cheating software.

Epic Games is seeking monetary damages and legal fees in its lawsuit, as well as forcing Lucas to cough up the profits from his website. According to the legal filing, Epic Games alleges that both Conter and Lucas were “injecting unauthorized cheat software” in Fortnite’s code which then alters the experience of other users and creates “unauthorized derivative works” of the game.

Naturally, Epic Games banned the pair from the game when it learned of their Fortnite cheats. However, the YouTubers set up new accounts and proceeded to play anyway. In fact, Lucas has continued documenting his hacks to cheat on Fortnite on his YouTube channel. Epic filed its suit on October 10, and on October 11, Lucas posted a video admitting to using an “aimbot” tool to kill lower level players.

Lucas has made his YouTube fame by posting about hacks and cheats on a variety of games, including Grand Theft Auto V. It’s no surprise, then, that Epic Games would be so concerned about his content and encouraging millions of others to try his Fortnite cheats.

In the legal filing, Epic Games didn’t mince its words: “Defendants are cheaters,” it said. “Nobody likes a cheater. And nobody like playing with cheaters.”

One word of advice: Don’t cheat on Fortnite. Unless, that is, you like paying hefty legal bills.

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