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6 awesome new shows to stream this Thanksgiving

6 awesome new shows to stream this Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving — a time to relax with family, watch football, and eat an inordinate amount of food. Veging out on the couch is, therefore, a necessity. So here are the best new shows you can stream this Thanksgiving to help get over your food coma.

1. Narcos: Mexico


While the first three seasons of Netflix’s hit series Narcos dove into the depths of the Columbian drug scene, this latest series crosses the border to focus on the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel of the 1980s in Mexico. DEA agent Kiki Camarena, played by Michael Peña, attempts to take down notorious drug lord Félix Gallardo, at a time where Gallardo is unifying the traffickers in order to build his empire.

Some may be disappointed that this season of Narcos is effectively a spinoff series. But fear not; the Mexican escapades take place during the same time period as the first two series of Narcos, which leaves the ability for some special cameos. Without giving the game away entirely, let’s just say that Pablo Escobar is back.

2. Making a Murderer (Part 2)


The world was gripped when Making a Murder first debuted in 2015. The series is now back to reveal what happened next in the story of Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, and the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The original series brought global attention to the case, highlighting the accusations of coercion and attorney ineptitude that led many viewers to believe that Avery and Dassey were wrongly convicted. Part 2 continues where we last left off, focusing on new information that has surfaced during the past three years.

3. House of Cards (Season 6)


This is the final season of one of the shows that put Netflix on the map from an original series perspective. Much has changed for its last hurrah, not least with the booting of lead actor Kevin Spacey after his sexual misconduct allegations. Robin White, playing new President Claire Underwood, takes over at the helm.

With just eight episodes versus the 13 of previous seasons, you’ll be able to binge the entire finale in no time. Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to close the chapter and see how things ultimately shake out.

4. Homecoming

Amazon Prime

Hands up if you like Julia Roberts? Yep, that’ll be everyone then.

Homecoming is a brand new original series from Amazon Prime. The show follows Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), a former caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center. The purpose of the facility, as Bergman believed, is to help soldiers transition to civilian life. However, years after leaving the facility to start a new life, Bergman realizes that she had been misled and that the true purpose of the facility had been kept from her all along.

The new series has gotten rave reviews, earning 99% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, and being lauded as “an impressive small-screen debut for Julia Roberts, Homecoming balances its haunting mystery with a frenetic sensibility that grips and doesn’t let go.”

5. The Gymkhana Files

Amazon Prime

If you have the vaguest interest in cars, you’ll likely have heard about Ken Block and his Gymkhana exploits on YouTube. If you haven’t yet heard, take a moment to watch one of his videos here.


OK. Let’s resume.

Gymkhana is one of the most successful YouTube series of all time, with millions upon millions of views. For its tenth attempt, Amazon followed the team behind the scenes in their efforts to make their most elaborate and downright crazy episode yet. If you want to see how one of the world’s best stunt drivers creates videos that literally break the internet, be sure to check out The Gymkhana Files.

6. Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

Amazon Prime

Having grossed $3.5 million in its one-night release in theatres, Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams is now available on Amazon Prime.  Whether you’re a fan of Coldplay’s music or not, the film is not a promotional documentary where a band sits around the studio playing the album they’re trying to promote. In “A Head Full of Dreams,” director Mat Whitecross has been filming Coldplay since the group was formed in 1996. It’s an authentic look at the band when they were just starting out, trying to make it in a cut-throat world. Music lover or not, you don’t want to miss this.

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