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The 5 Best Mobile Security Apps to Reinforce Your Digital Security

The 5 Best Mobile Security Apps to Reinforce Your Digital Security

mobile security apps for digital securityWhich would you rather lose, given the choice – your wallet or your phone? Just a few years ago, that answer would have likely been an obvious “the phone.” But today, far more people would likely say that they’d rather lose their wallets.

After all, cancelling your credit cards and getting a new driver’s license is one quick phone call away.

We’ve become so dependent on these small devices that we can barely live without them, but truly, how safe are they? What would happen to your personal financial information, data, passwords, or anything else that’s secured on your phone if you happened to leave it in a café (or worse, had it stolen)?

Reinforcing your digital security isn’t just about protecting your information from hackers trying to gain access to your personal data, but also about keeping it secure in the event that you lose your devices.

Regardless of whether you own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you need to consider digital security and use apps designed to keep all of your content safe and secure.

Digital Security is About More Than Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Programs

As a society in this digital age, we’ve been programmed to think that a computer or tablet is “safe” – just because we have an anti-virus program running. But threats are like people: they come in all shapes and sizes. Thieves, hackers, and con artists are constantly seeking new and creative ways to gain access to information that can earn them easy money.

The following list of the five best apps to help reinforce your digital security – keeping you and your family safe, and keeping prying eyes from gaining access to the sensitive (and valuable) information that’s stored on your tablet, mobile phone, or computer.

1)   McAfee Mobile Security 2.0

This feisty mobile security app sends out a high number of alerts – seemingly too frequently, according to some reviewers. But as with its laptop or desktop counterpart, these constant notifications are evidence that the app is providing a high level of protection at all times for mobile devices. There are many reasons for some of these alerts, and when you consider how many threats go unnoticed, you’ll begin to appreciate the high number of alerts that can come from McAfee Mobile Security 2.0.

There are programs that can become quite aggressive on your mobile devices, rerouting basic searches to pay per click results, inviting itself to be added to your Internet browser without your permission, and so on. McAfee keeps a constant watch on all of these potential problems in order to keep your devices safe.

2)   K9 Web Protection Browser

If you’re looking for a solid – and free – Internet browser filtering program, K9 Web Protection has become a formidable force for laptops and desktops for years. Unsurprisingly, its first foray into the world of mobile technology has been just as solid. While the program does have some limitations when it comes to choosing what to block or filter, it does a solid job at keeping you from stumbling onto malicious sites that could cause harm to you or your phone.

K9 Web Protection currently blocks malware and a host of potentially offensive content forms. With each anticipated version to come, this program should become even more user friendly and controllable.

3)   Norton Snap QR Code Reader

Are you one of those people who’ve taken to the QR code scanning craze that seems to have overrun society? Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be yet another QR code to scan to learn more about a product, get special discounts or deals, or connect to specific websites. These are wonderfully convenient, but did you know that some of those codes can actually lead you to malicious websites?

Norton Snap QR Code Reader helps to provide an extra level of protection for you and your phone by scanning those codes for malicious content, and will even block your phone’s browser from unwittingly accessing one of these sites.

The trouble with today’s modern technology is that you might never realize that you’ve landed on a malicious website, as much of the damage is done behind the scenes. Using Norton Snap is a great addition for those who enjoy scanning these fun, square bar codes.

4)   LastPass Password Manager Premium

If you store lots of passwords on your mobile device – especially important and sensitive passwords – LastPass Password Manager Premium is a “must have” app that will help keep them protected and encrypted, no matter what happens to your phone.

We’ve all become accustomed to relying on password savers – especially those that are built into the Internet browsers that we know and love – but this type of behavior isn’t all that safe. If someone gained access to your mobile device or tablet, they’d have instant access to any of those websites that you rely on regularly, including bank accounts and more.

Using LastPass Password Manager Premium will help ensure that your passwords are not only accessible to you, but are also secured from prying eyes or from anyone else who may gain access to your mobile device.

5)   Hotspot Shield VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The Hotspot Shield VPN app (available for iPhone/iPad as well as Android devices) protects you from hackers and snoopers by securing your internet connection with HTTPs encryption.

Hotspot Shield VPN creates a secure tunnel between your mobile device and its VPN server. All your internet communications are encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel, thus preventing anyone from tracking your online activities or intercepting your personal and sensitive information.

Addtionally, the app also detects and blocks more than 3.5 million known malware, phishing, infected, and spam sites.

Using any of these apps will help reinforce your digital security and keep your computer, tablet, or mobile device safe and your personal information secure. The more security you have, the more protected your information will be. Don’t wait – install them today!

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