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The hottest new tech for Back to School

The hottest new tech for Back to School

Sadly, it’s that time again. The days are getting shorter; the neighborhood lemonade stands are packing up shop. Kids and teens around the country are preparing to load up their backpacks and head back to school or college. And while it’s always disappointing when summer break ends, there are ways to make your back to school experience that little bit more enjoyable.

Here’s our ultimate Back to School tech guide — everything you need to make school or college awesome.

Back to School

Access any app

Let’s be honest: You’ve probably spent most of your summer playing games like Fortnite or PUBG, right? When you go back to school, however, it’s likely that these games will be restricted on your school WiFi network. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to access Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Netflix, YouTube, Snapchat, or any other restricted site simply by using an app on your phone. Get unblocked games at school for free with a VPN. 

If you frequent this blog, you’ll know all about Hotspot Shield. If this is your first visit, let me fill you in.

Hotspot Shield is a free app for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. By simply pressing “connect” it encrypts your WiFi connection and makes your online activities anonymous and secure. And because it effectively makes you invisible online, it also allows you to access any app, anywhere — even at school.

Hotspot Shield is a must-have app for every person heading back to school. Just do us a favor: Don’t play Fortnite in class.

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Back to School

Talking of Back to School gaming…

Gaming on your phone is cool, but gaming on a Nintendo Switch is better. It’s also super convenient, meaning you can throw it in your backpack. With the many multiplayer games on its roster, you’ll have endless fun with friends.

The Switch is not cheap, however. At $299, it’s an expensive gift, but you need a way to decompress after a long day—and performing yoga moves while listening to classical music isn’t for everyone.

Back to School

Keep the tunes to yourself

While classical music might not be your jam, there’s no denying that great tunes can keep you motivated during a busy day. But giant headphones aren’t ideal for a school environment, and let’s face it, tangled wires suck.

So, let’s look at some fully wireless earbuds.

Apple’s AirPods are perhaps the most well-known, but I’m going to suggest something different: Consider the Jabra Elite 65t (or, if you like to workout, the Jabra Elite Active 65t). At $169.99, it’s slightly more pricey than Apple’s offering, but it looks great, has better sound quality than the AirPods, plus it has two microphones in each earbud for superior phone calls.

These are stealthy earbuds that won’t draw attention. So if you’d like to keep your music going strong no matter where you are, a good set of wireless earbuds is the way to go.

Back to School

Make your dorm guests happy

If you’re staying in a dorm during school, you’ll likely be having plenty of guests stopping by. And in today’s world, where our phones are our lifeblood and a dying battery is literally the worst thing that can happen, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of ways to stay connected.

Behold the Nordmarke Qi wireless charger. For $59.99, it sits on your coffee table and is wide enough to charge three phones at once. So when your guests come round, you don’t need to scour your dorm for unused electrical outlets and fuss with a bunch of wires. They can set their phone down and never have to worry about their battery dying again.

Well, at least until they leave.

So go back to school in style. Let us know in the comments what tech you’ll be bringing back to school, and if you’re interested in using Hotspot Shield for free, click here to download now.

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