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How AnchorFree’s $295M investment will help reach 1 billion users

How AnchorFree’s $295M investment will help reach 1 billion users

AnchorFree impacts millions of users by delivering secure and private access to information around the globe. During some of the world’s largest privacy violations, security breaches, and global events where information was censored, AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield application enabled citizens of the world to stay secure, private, and free.  

Few Companies have played such an impactful role in the lives of millions of people. Few have delivered basic human rights to people around the globe. Few have protected users during the most pressing security and privacy challenges of our times. The AnchorFree Team, our technology, products, and dedication to making the world a better place have all played an important role in the world.

Yet, this is just the beginning and we are just getting started.

Today, we announced a $295M investment in AnchorFree led by WndrCo, an investment and holding company that focuses on technology businesses, with participation from Accel Partners, 8VC, SignalFire, Green Bay Ventures, and other leading technology investors and executives.  We are excited to partner with such a talented group of investors and advisors. We took this investment round because we know consumer demands for security and privacy will grow exponentially as the world moves from 2.5B people with smartphones currently to 5B in 2021.

Right now, Hotspot Shield sits on “just” 650M devices. As the leader in mobile security and privacy, we hope to be among the few companies in the world to reach 1B users in the future.  To reach our ambitious goals, we will need to invest in new technologies and products that add significant value around security and privacy for the next billion Internet users. We are going to continue to build new innovative products and actively pursue acquisitions in the privacy and security space.

Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their data and privacy. Recent data breaches, news around social media’s aggregation and selling of user data, and the rise of totalitarian tendencies in governments around the world are compelling consumers to strive to better protect their online identities and data.

AnchorFree is focused on online privacy and security, as we believe all people have the right to be in control of their information. Every user deserves the right to stop trackers, to protect their data, and to secure their identities. Our values and our products are aligned around protecting the world today—as well as the world of the future. Taking control away from third-party trackers and giving it back to the people; it is the idea that we are founded on.  

As the underlying VPN technology for 60% of the world’s largest security companies, the team’s work in building our products and impacting the world continues to make a significant global impact. Our new investors will help recruit some of the most talented people that will help us continue innovating and leading the sector and to invest in acquisitions that can help round out our portfolio of security and privacy products.

Consumers and businesses online are just now grasping that their online lives are exposed, exploited, marketed, and capitalized upon without their consent—and often at their peril of financial fraud and identity theft.  This investment will empower AnchorFree to continue building the best products and the best team of those devoted to ensuring that web users around the world can protect their lives, liberty, privacy, and security.

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