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AnchorFree Releases New Versions of Hotspot Shield

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AnchorFree recently released new versions of its Hotspot Shield VPN app for Apple iOS 8.0 and Android.

The new versions include new features that make personal privacy, Wi-Fi security and access to the world’s information smarter, easier to use and more secure.

With the latest release of Hotspot Shield, we’re making privacy, security and access an easy, one-step process.

Now all you have to do is download Hotspot Shield and with a tap they have access to easy controls over personal privacy, Wi-Fi security, and the freedom to access all of the world’s Internet services and information:

In addition, we’re now offering 9 virtual locations across all platforms: US, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India (via Singapore) and China.

iOS 8.0

iPhone and iPad users can turn Hotspot Shield on and off and select countries they want to connect to from within the application with a simple tap. Previously, limitations of older iOS made this a more cumbersome, multi-step process.


The new Android version of Hotspot Shield features the Smart Protection mode, which automatically detects unsafe Wi-Fi networks and turns on to protect users as they surf the Web, shop, enter passwords or access sensitive information.

Additionally, you can choose to only activate Hotspot Shield for specific sites. The Hotspot Shield app automatically detects when you visit a site that may be censored or blocked and turns itself on to enable access to that site. You can also disable certain sites from being protected by Hotspot Shield and opt-in protection for sites they visit frequently.

You also have the option to change the country setting, to change their virtual location and connect to servers in the United States, United Kingdom or Japan to access your favorite content, such as a soccer match or entertainment sites and social media with a simple one-tap process.

For American, British and Japanese travelers and expats, Hotspot Shield gives you the ability to gain access to U.S., U.K. and Japanese content from anywhere. Additionally, both versions include default presets for some of the most popular sites in each country to be always available. Examples of sites that are often censored, but always available through Hotspot Shield, are Google in China, Skype in the Middle East, Twitter and Facebook in many parts of Asia and Africa.

In summary, here are the amazing things our new versions of Hotspot Shield can do:

  • Secures mobile and public Wi-Fi connections with HTTPS encryption
  • Prevents hackers from stealing your private information and data
  • Enables private and anonymous Web browsing
  • Protects against malware from a database of over 3.5 million suspected domains
  • Enables access to all of the world’s Internet services and information without geographic restrictions
  • Provides an easy ON/OFF switch from within the application
  • Lets you easily switch between countries (virtual location) with one tap
  • Compatible across devices on iOS, Mac, PC, Android, Kindle. One subscription covers up to five devices

Pricing and Availability

Hotspot Shield for iOS 8.0 and Android are available immediately as free and Elite premium versions ($4.99/mo or $29.95/year). Additionally, Hotspot Shield is available globally for PC, Mac and Kindle devices. For a free download of Hotspot Shield visit: www.hotspotshield.com. The free version has ads, while the Elite subscription gives you an ads-free, protection on up to 5 devices and faster browsing experience.

Download Hotspot Shield for free now:

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