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8 Surprising Mobile Stats

8 Surprising Mobile Stats

We live in a mobile world. 2012 is the year when the value of your smartphone became really clear: it’s critical.

Hotspot Shield users love smartphones, and every day they embrace the value of the mobile world more than before. The world is going to live, depend on and become mobile in the next 5 years, and it will remain that way for a long time.

While we’re headed for the big massive change, the surprising fact among all of this is the rate at which this change is happening.

It’s happening right now, right before our eyes, and in the next year or 2 the mobile world will most probably be the primary focus of almost every online and offline retailer.

Here are 8 surprising mobile statistics that we think give a clear indication that the Mobile platform has already conquered all other platforms:

8 Surprising Mobile Statistics

  1. 4 out of 5 smartphone users shop online using their phones. Source: comScore.
  2. 74% of smartphone users use location based services on their phones. Source: Pew.
  3. 2/3 of all young adults and people with higher income are smartphone users. Source: Pew.
  4. 25% of mobile users shop online only via a mobile device like a phone or a tablet. Source: Prosper Mobile Insights.
  5. Mobile users shop offline more than non-mobile users. Source: Wave Collapse.
  6. In 2011, 1.2 Billion mobile apps were downloaded across different platforms during the holidays.

    That number is expected to be much higher for the upcoming 2012 holiday season. Source: Flurry.

  7. Mobile users on average wait only 5 seconds for a site to load in their phone browser before giving up and moving on to something else. Source: Gomez.
  8. More than 50% of all mobile app users uninstall or do not install apps because of privacy concerns. Source: Pew.

The sum of it all: Everything will be Mobile

There is actually little to no evidence that the world will not become Mobile in the next 5 years. We shop with our phones. We play games on our phones. We watch movies on our phones. We pay bills on our phones, and we also make money on and through our phones.

One day, the phone itself will be connected to any external monitor or device wirelessly, allowing us to simply have a portable laptop in our pockets.

What do you think is the most surprising Mobile stat from the above?

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