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Top Netflix Movies to Watch Based on Your Mood Before They Are Gone in April

Top Netflix Movies to Watch Based on Your Mood Before They Are Gone in April

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It could happen to anyone. Every time you access your Netflix account, you see an interesting movie but don’t feel like watching right away. It’ll still be there another day. When you finally decide to watch it, however, it is gone. It has left Netflix US and slipped into cyberspace oblivion.

Your entertainment options don’t have to stay at the mercy of Netflix’s whims. Learn ahead of time when certain movies and shows will expire from the streaming service, and watch them before they’re gone. Here a few titles that will say goodbye to Netflix in April, so throw some popcorn in the microwave and get busy watching!

For Families: “Annie”

Who can resist the little girl who taught the world that tomorrow is only a day away? The 1982 rendition of the classic musical tells the story of a redheaded orphan with lots of spunk who ends up finding fatherly love from a cranky billionaire. It’s a great feel-good flick with lots of laughs, catchy tunes, and rich characters. “Annie” says goodbye to Netflix on April 1.

For Laughs: “Coneheads”

Sure, “Coneheads” is stupid, but it’s stupid in a way you can’t say no to. A family of aliens with conical heads find themselves stranded on Earth, and they struggle to adjust to life here. It puts a ridiculous spin on classic family issues. The talents of Dan Aykroyd, Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Jason Alexander make this film worth an evening of your time. The Conehead family leaves Netflix on April 1.

For Drama Junkies: “Les Miserables”

Jean Valjean, the central character of “Les Miserables,” stole a loaf of bread, and that one act plunged him into decades of incarceration and put him under the scrutiny of the relentless Inspector Javert. You probably enjoyed the 2012 movie musical version of the story, and you’ll probably also like this 1935 version. Sure, it won’t get any songs stuck in your head, but the richness of the story is all there. “Les Miserables” leaves Netflix on April 1.

For Romantics: “Jane Eyre”

The haunting tale of Jane Eyre has touched hearts for generations, and rightly so. Jane Eyre is a poor, plain woman who secures employment in the home of the wealthy and intimidating Edward Rochester. She finds herself attracted to her boss, but then the beautiful Blanche Ingram threatens to steal him away. Meanwhile, a secret lurks in the house, a secret that could ruin all Jane’s hopes of love. Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine make this 1943 flick one you shouldn’t miss before it bids farewell to Netflix on April 1.

For Those Who Want a Scare: “Friday the 13th

If guts and horror are your thing, get ready for some marathon movie watching before April 1. Several “Friday the 13th” films are stepping out of the Netflix lineup soon, so it’s time to get your scare on. The films tell the story of a serial killer who lurks in the area around an old summer camp.

For Mystery Lovers: “Mystic River”

The 2003 film “Mystic River” shines thanks to the directorial talents of Clint Eastwood. The movie centers on three men who were childhood friends and who reunite when one of them, an ex-con, loses his daughter. Another one of the men is a homicide detective who fights to uncover the truth about what happened to the girl. Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon star in this gripping account. “Mystic River” leaves Netflix on April 1.

For Adrenaline Addicts: “Reindeer Games”

If you can’t get enough of action-packed films that leave you breathless, get ready for a movie night that features the 2000 film “Reindeer Games.” Sure, the title makes it sound like it’s about Santa Clause, but that is far from the case. “Reindeer Games” centers on a man who gets out of prison and attaches himself to his ex-cellmate’s girlfriend only to get caught up in a major casino heist. Like the other movies on this list, “Reindeer Games” leaves Netflix on April 1.

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