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5 New Year’s resolutions to keep your family safe online

5 New Year’s resolutions to keep your family safe online

The New Year heralds an opportunity for a new and improved you. That could mean learning how to rock climb, or finally taking that cooking course. Or, maybe, it’s ensuring you and your family are better protected online, taking digital privacy and security in 2020 seriously. 

After all, identity theft is now the #1 consumer crime in America, and with hackers and scammers becoming more sophisticated, everything we work so hard for each year has never been more at risk. 

Fortunately, by following these 5 New Year’s resolutions, it’s also never been easier to protect yourself.

1. Stop using the same password for every account you own

If you’re like most people, you use the same password for every online account — be it your Netflix account, your email, or your online bank accounts. While having a single, easy-to-guess password is convenient, it’s also a free buffet for hackers. If just one of these sites gets breached, every account you own is now at risk. So how do you protect yourself?

You need to download a password manager. We recommend 1Password, and with our special New Year’s offer, you can get it today for free as part of your subscription to Hotspot Shield Premium. A password manager will save you the effort of remembering dozens of different passwords, and it will keep them secure by generating strong passwords that are impossible to guess and store them all safely in an encrypted vault that can’t be breached.

2. Protect your sensitive data on public Wi-Fi

Whenever you connect to an unencrypted Wi-Fi network, like you’d find at a coffee shop or airport, you’re potentially opening up your sensitive data to anyone connected to that same network. To keep your information private and prevent snoopers, you need to encrypt your connection. 

With Hotspot Shield Premium, this takes just seconds. Simply open the app and press “Connect.” Instantly your Wi-Fi connection is now encrypted, creating an impenetrable bubble around your online activities. 

3. Eliminate frustrating spam and robocalls

Hands up if you like getting robocalls? The sharp increase in the number of spam calls is perhaps the most annoying development of 2019. And given many of these calls are people trying to scam you into handing over sensitive information like your credit card details, falling for just one of them can lead to financial ruin. 

Fortunately, you can now download an app called Robo Shield which will eliminate spam and scam calls altogether. Make sure every cellular device in your family has this app installed and you’ll dramatically reduce your risk of becoming a victim. 

Like with 1Password, you can get Robo Shield for free today by purchasing a subscription to Hotspot Shield Premium for just $12.99 per month.

4. Get identity theft protection

We can take all the precautions in the world, but as 17 million Americans find out each year, you can never be totally safe from identity theft. That’s why it’s so important to use trusted identity theft software to alert you of any suspicious activity on your accounts, and to help you fix any issues should they arise. 

We recommend using Identity Guard, and to help you stick with your 2020 resolutions, we’re also offering this product for free as part of your Premium subscription

For just $12.99 per month, you now get Hotspot Shield Premium, 1Password, Robo Shield, and Identity Guard — providing comprehensive protection against many of today’s major security risks.

5. Communicate online security best practices with your entire family

Finally, having access to all these products for one low monthly price is great, but you should also devote time to sit down with your family and talk to them about online security best practices. This includes ensuring all social media sites are set to private, and being mindful of what they post online. Teach them how to spot email phishing scams and to never click on any random links. And don’t forget the simple things like remembering to update your devices to the latest software.

By taking online security seriously in 2020, you can significantly reduce the risk of a devastating financial disaster. We hope that our New Year’s offer makes sticking to these resolutions that little bit easier. 

If you’d like to take full advantage and get Hotspot Shield Premium, 1Password, Robo Shield, and Identity Guard all for just $12.99 per month, be sure to click the link below. We wish you a safe, secure, robocall-free 2020.

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