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3 Computer Security Must-Haves

3 Computer Security Must-Haves

With all the news surrounding identity theft, malware threats, and other security issues, it may seem that your computer getting infected is an inevitability. Don’t get discouraged!

Here are three small, pain-free steps you can take that will go a long way towards protecting your computer from attacks.

  1. Download an Antivirus program (duh) – There are so many good, FREE antivirus services available nowadays.I personally use Avira. If you’re willing to shell out a few more bucks, we recommend Norton.
  2. Start using a Password Manager – Easily crackable passwords are shockingly common.A Password Manager can create passwords that make hackers cry! They also store them, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your passwords again. We love Last Pass.
  3. Use a VPN – Antivirus and anti-malware programs may protect your devices against viruses and malware, but these programs do not protect you while browse the Internet. Use a VPN to stay secure and anonymize your Internet session from the prying eyes of hackers, governments, and ISPs.We recommend Hotspot Shield VPN. Not that we’re biased or anything ;)

There you go. Three easy-to-use programs that have a proven track record of keeping users safe.

What steps do you take to stay safe?

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