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Taking Control of Your Online Privacy On Campus

It’s the end of summer vacation and majority of schools are now in progress. It’s time to stop going to the movies daily, and to start finding out where to get that next book online.

The Internet is an essential learning tool that helped improve the education system. It is also a tool that you and other students used daily during summer. You don’t just go online to only have fun: you now go online to actually learn for your classes and finish your work work.

From online syllabus to downloadable books, you most probably need a phone, a tablet or a laptop for any class you may be in if you want to pass that class.

While it may feel like you need a device to study, you’re also given the freedom to study from anywhere. Starbucks, school, on the train and at your friend’s home. No one cares anymore where you study. The only thing your teachers and school cares about is to submit that final project or paper.

All schools offer free WiFi for students to work on assignments, research, read course material. However, school administrators can block access to certain websites and monitor your online activities.

Do you want to take a 5 minute break and access Facebook at school? Tough luck, since most schools even in the U.S. block access to Facebook and other social networks. Not only that, but you’re actually monitored online when you try to access such sites at school.

Your school keeps a track of each and every site you try to access, blocked or unblocked, via your computer or any device when on the school WiFi.

It’s understandable to block certain websites, but an invasion of privacy when being monitored online. How would you feel if your school was monitoring your online activities and could potentially discipline you for them?

Follow these tips and learn how to take control of your online privacy on campus.

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