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Overlay malware: What it is and how it works

Overlay malware: What it is and how it works

VPN for malware protection

Overlay malware is a rising phishing and hacking technique that uses deception, but it’s nothing to worry about if you have a virtual private network (VPN) such as Hotspot Shield Elite, the best VPN for malware protection, on your device.

What is overlay malware?

You are using your favorite site or app and have just logged in using your credentials. Several minutes later, you are prompted to log in again, and you don’t even remember logging out. You are then led to an unrelated page, and you wonder what that log-in was for. If this happened to you before, then your device is probably infected with overlay malware.

Like other attacking techniques employed by malware strains today, overlay malware rely on deception and social engineering to carry out malicious deeds. Users are tricked into inputting their login credentials on overlays that look like legitimate login pages. The credentials are then sent to a hacker’s command and control server, where they are recorded and collected for use later on.

How does it work?

Overlay malware operate by creating overlay screens that mimic the appearances of sign-in pages of commonly used apps and sites such as Facebook and Gmail. The overlay screens can be so identical that it’s hard to tell if a sign-in page is real or fake. Some strains even come with pre-made overlays to make the process quicker.

Taking on the appearance of sign-in pages of popular websites and services, the fake pages are launched as soon as a victim clicks on a link on a legitimate site or launches a legitimate app. Because of the growing connectivity of devices, the integration of social media and email log-ins onto apps, websites and online services, and the fact that mobile apps are used on a daily basis, a lot of unwitting users are falling victim to this simple but effective hacking and phishing technique.

It is currently not known where overlay malware is being distributed online. If you frequently use the Internet, you are at risk of being infected simply by visiting websites and clicking on links due to the presence of drive-by attacks and infected links, so refraining from downloading torrent files and visiting shady sites is not enough. To protect yourself, you need to install a VPN such as Hotspot Shield on your device.

Download Hotspot Shield Elite for worry-free browsing

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for malware protection

For the best VPN for malware protection, download Hotspot Shield VPN now and install it on your device. Hotspot Shield provides added malware protection by blocking websites and links that are known to contain malware, preventing your device from being infected. Hotspot Shield does this by using a database of 3.5 million websites that is regularly updated.

In addition to better malware protection, Hotspot Shield has other benefits that help improve your online experience, including website and app unblocking, access to a US IP address, anonymous browsing, advanced encryption, and protection against snoopers when using public hotspots.

You also have the option to upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite. By upgrading to Elite, not only will you be able to enjoy all of these benefits, you’ll also get ad-free use, access not just to a US IP address but to more than 15 IP addresses all over the world, and a dedicated customer service team that you can contact anytime.

For the best VPN for malware protection, get Hotspot Shield Elite now!

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