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Livestream shows on YouTube TV anywhere with Hotspot Shield

Livestream shows on YouTube TV anywhere with Hotspot Shield

For most Internet users, YouTube is the place to be for all sorts of video content, from amateur home videos and vlogs to music videos and movie trailers. YouTube also has a paid streaming service called YouTube Red where users can access original in-house content for a monthly subscription fee. Now, with the introduction of YouTube TV, YouTube users now have access to live cable TV via the streaming platform.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the popular video streaming site’s over-the-top subscription service that uses the multichannel video programming distributor model employed by cable TV companies. For a monthly subscription fee, users can livestream and record shows from a number of US cable TV companies over the Internet.

Subscribing to YouTube TV allows a user to:

  • Livestream US cable TV anywhere – With YouTube TV, users can watch shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC and on more than 30 other popular channels in the US as they air on cable TV.
  • Unlimited digital video recording – YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud storage for digital video recording (DVR), allowing users to build their very own DVR library without worrying about storage space.
  • Watch on multiple screens – Users can livestream their favorite channels on a number of devices. These include Android, iPhone and iPad devices, laptops and desktops, and TV if users have Google’s Chromecast.
  • Up to six users – A single subscription can accommodate up to six accounts, and each account holder gets their own login and DVR library.

As of writing, the service features around 40 US cable TV channels:


FS1BTNDisney JuniorCNBC


FS2SEC ESPNDisney XDFOX Business




NatGeo Wild

The CW

Free FormBravoNBCSN



DisneyOxygenNBC Golf





FOX Sports



FOX News

YouTube Red

Remove restrictions with a content access VPN

YouTube TV promises users access to US cable TV content anywhere. However, the availability of the service is limited to only five cities in the US: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and Philadelphia for now. If you’re not a resident of these cities, watching TV shows via YouTube TV is not easy. If you still want to access YouTube TV, then you may have to use a content access VPN.

Hotspot Shield is a content access VPN that lets you enjoy region-locked content. When connecting online via Hotspot Shield, your IP address is temporarily replaced with an IP address from another location. By using the IP address of a certain location, you will be able to surf online as if you’re from that location, which also means that content restricted to that location can be accessed by you. This can be useful for not just for accessing content, but also for shopping and travel.

To access YouTube TV anywhere, just follow these steps:

  1. Install Hotspot Shield on your device.
  2. Upgrade to the Elite version upon successful installation. You can do this by clicking on the “Subscribe now” button.
  3. Choose United States as your default location.
  4. Click on the connect button. You will need to have an IP address from one of the launch cities for you to be able to access YouTube TV. To check your virtual location, visit
  5. Once you get the right location, go to and subscribe. You can take advantage of the free one-month trial.
  6. You can now livestream US cable TV shows on YouTube anywhere!

Enjoy more online content possibilities with YouTube TV by installing the best content access VPN on your device today! To learn more about Hotspot Shield, please visit our website.

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