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Introducing the New Android 4.0 and Windows 5.0 Hotspot Shield Apps

Introducing the New Android 4.0 and Windows 5.0 Hotspot Shield Apps

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We flipped our Windows desktop and Android apps upside down and started from scratch to create a tailored Hotspot Shield experience for you.

Hotspot Shield Windows version 5.0 and Android version 4.0 have brand new designs that make it super simple to use:

  • 1-click connect and disconnect

Turning Hotspot Shield off and on has never been easier. You can now connect and disconnect the app using the same “Connect” button right on the home screen. No more disconnecting from the menu.

  • Automatic app and website access

In the new Android app, you can use the Auto-unblock feature to automatically connect Hotspot Shield when you open your favorite apps. On the settings menu, you can set a customized list of apps to access straight from Hotspot Shield’s home screen!

For the new Windows app, we took the most popular sites and bookmarked them right on the main dashboard for easy and quick access. With just one click, you can access any of these sites and Hotspot Shield will automatically connect.

Blog_New Windows 5.0 Hotspot Shield app

  • Automatic network protection

In both the new Android and Windows apps, we’ve added a new Auto-on feature for Networks. This feature turns Hotspot Shield on automatically when you connect to different network types. Now your private data is protected when you need it most. You can choose the network types (e.g., unsecured Wi-Fi, mobile networks) that will trigger Hotspot Shield to automatically connect in Network settings.

  • All new look and feelAndroid 4.0

Hotspot Shield’s new design puts everything you need for private & secure Internet access all in one place. Track how long your connection has been secured, check which network you’re connected to, and choose your Virtual Location all from the main dashboard.

We’ve started rolling out the new Windows and Android apps to our users, so check that your Hotspot Shield is up-to-date!

Visit our Help Center to find comprehensive resources to get Hotspot Shield up and running on your devices. Feel free to “Contact Support” with any question. We’ll be happy to help!


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