Hotspot Shield addresses an increasingly relevant need for users around the world – maintaining privacy, security, and freedom online. We’re all accustomed to using Antivirus software to prevent Malware attacks, but seldom stop to consider other ways in which our computers can be compromised. Internet Service Providers track all of our data. Websites know our exact location every time we access them. Public WiFi hotspots are easy targets for hackers who want to steal information broadcasted over them. To what end this information is being used is not fully known, but it’s clear personal rights are being infringed upon. Internet security deserves attention, and we’re here to help.

Our company was founded in 2005. We started out as a service that brought free WiFi to the masses, and that same dedication to public service guides us today. We’re the world’s largest free VPN provider, and we bear that title with pride. Our product has played a pivotal role in the Arab Spring uprising, and continues to shield users from oppressive regimes around the world. Hotspot Shield keeps people safe while they surf, whether browsing under the thumb of a dictatorial government or at the local coffee shop.