Hotspot Shield VPN for business

Keep your business communications private and secure

  • Make web browsing & email private
  • Encrypt online communications
  • Secure Wi-Fi access at work
  • Unblock restricted websites & apps
  • Leading VPN provider trusted by millions
  • High speed & unlimited bandwidth
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
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The most trusted VPN with over 650 million downloads
Recent accolades
  • "When you use Hotspot Shield, your publicly visible IP address becomes that of the server you connect to.
    If you like to limit your exposure on the Web, this a great feature. Given the slow speed of most
    free proxy servers, you could consider Hotspot Shield for that alone."

    - PC WORLD

  • "Also, if you go to an Internet cafe or public computer, the next user might be able to see your shopping history.
    It's rare for it to happen, but it's possible. If you have to use a public Wi-Fi,
    download software called Hotspot Shield to encrypt your computer from curious eyes."

    - CBS

  • "The Internet connection protector Hotspot Shield encrypts your traffic to protect
    you from all kinds of spying while your computer communicates with the rest of the world.
    It's a must-have utility for anybody who uses public Wi-Fi networks."

    - CNET

Protect your identity and assets
against spies, hackers and snoopers

Hotspot Shield Premium VPN secures your Internet communications wherever you are. Whether checking emails on your smartphone or finishing an online form on your laptop, our VPN service encrypts your Internet communications and protects your privacy and your data. Learn More

  • Hackers’ prime target

    30% of data breaches occur in companies under 100 employees. It’s not just for the big guys.

  • Access business apps securely

    Many online tools don’t secure their server communication. With Hotspot Shield it'll become a perfect cloud solution for SMBs.

  • Anti-virus wouldn’t be enough

    VPN protects your online activities while anti-virus software scans your devices. It’s not either or; you’d want both.

  • Wi-Fi security

    Your business communication is at risk under Wi-Fi networks, as Wi-Fi has many security holes even if password protected.

  • Privacy protection

    Your competitors, ad networks and snoopers are tracking you. Don’t reveal your identity and IP address during important business transactions.


How we stand out

Hotspot Shield VPN has the best price and flexibility for your needs,
and it only takes minutes to get started

Private Internet AccessVyprVPNAstrill VPN
Price per device per yearLess than $5$8$50$100
Support multiple devices
(per user)
Malware protection
Simple set up
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VPN for all business professionals

Who should be using Hotspot Shield?

  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Travelers
  • Tech startups
  • Expatriate
  • Medical & Legal
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Entertainment
  • Institutions

How can you use Hotspot Shield?

  • Share sensitive documents with clients and team members securely
  • Make working from café or hotel” as secure as from the offices
  • Encourage BYOD without complex configurations
  • Access content without restrictions while traveling
  • Prevent your IP address from being blocked or tracked by competitors
  • Protect your employees’ privacy wherever they are
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We are the largest VPN provider in the world

Hotspot Shield VPN by AnchorFree is the most popular VPN with over 600
million downloads worldwide. We own and manage 100s of secure and dedicated servers
in the US, Europe and Asia and support millions of users everyday.

AnchorFree was chosen as one of the most promising companies in the US by
Forbes, and is one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine.
AnchorFree is backed by renowned investors such as Goldman Sachs.

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