How to Unblock Pornhub

Unblock Pornhub

Adult content is one of the prime types of website for Internet Service Providers and Network Administrators to block. Due to the explicit nature of many of the websites and apps, people deem them to be inappropriate for general viewing and use. A variety of different measures can be taken to block such websites such as outright IP bans (to deny access to the IP address of the offending websites web service), or selective keyword blocks on search Engines such as Google – For example if you searched for “Porn” on Google, the returned results may all be blocked.

Pornhub is a hugely popular website that is frequently blocked – What exactly is this website? Why is it worthy of a block, and how can you bypass any imposed restrictions?

What is Pornhub?

If you are reading this article, then you more than likely already know what Pornhub is! Pornhub is basically a repository of pornographic material that users can download and watch for free. This website has a huge amount of available content and is one of the most popular sources of explicit material available on the internet. Millions of users access Pornhub on a daily basis and the website also offers a premium service that allows access to a great amount and variety of material. If you are looking for something to satisfy your needs, Pornhub is guaranteed to meet your demands!

Why might Pornhub be blocked?

Come on, do you really need this question answering? The very nature of Pornhub means that it is often banned on private networks and even by Internet Service Providers. Due to the hugely explicit nature of the content available on Pornhub, it is often deemed inappropriate for public viewing. Network administrators in businesses and schools will usually block access to any type of Pornographic websites – They may enforce a blanket ban on any website name that contains the word Porn or Sex for example. Furthermore, Internet Service Providers will often apply adult content filters that you can only remove by accessing your account.

How can you unblock Pornhub?

If you can’t live without your erotic fix, there are ways to bypass blocks imposed upon Pornhub. If your Internet Service Provider has enforced an adult content filter, you simply need to login to your account and change the settings. Usually, you will have to confirm your username and password, and then a couple of other security checks to ensure that you are who you say you are. Once you have changed the settings and removed the content filter, you should then be able to access Pornhub without restriction.

Alternatively, if other restrictions are in place, you can consider using a VPN service. When using a VPN service, you connect to the internet through a VPN server which can effectively bypass any blocks and hide your device’s public IP address. By connecting through a VPN, any blocks imposed will prove ineffective as your device will appear as if it has a different address not associated with your network. A VPN service will also protect your data and ensure that your browsing sessions remain secure and private.

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