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While formal ties between the United States and Cuba are slowly improving, current telecommunication channels already operating on the island can hurl local network users onto the faster, broader worldwide networks.

The United States just recently lifted travel restrictions by Americans to Cuba, a thawing of diplomatic relations that have been stalled for half a century. Now that repairs to this relationship has begun, internet watchers say the island may lag behind other countries in the west economically, but Cuba already has a strong “self-sustaining, open and accessible” digital platform, according to The Nation.

Milena Recio, a Cuban journalism professor and the Havana-based chief Web editor for the American news website OnCuba, has been a strong advocate for expanding telecommunications infrastructure on the island,” the magazine has said. However, “she cautions that we need to talk not just about the Internet but about “connectivity” more broadly. This includes the development of network-based services and intranets in administration, education, banking, and other sectors that would benefit from connected software applications.”

Simply improving connectivity, she said, will not facilitate Cuba’s entry into the worldwide web. Through a variety of Latin American connections, Cuba already has a state intranet as well as limited access to the internet through a series of small networks linked together informally.

Leaky links, cobbled together in any manner of ways, more than likely have imbedded privacy flaws that make local users as vulnerable to Cyber criminals as users of larger, more formal and sophisticated networks. Even the most elaborate, technically superior networks, all realize the need for the establishment of cybercrime safe guards and privacy portals.

The European Commission of the EU-US Privacy Shield, for example, endorsed a European Court of Justice decision to strike down an old 2015 Internet data protection ruling, saying provisions in the earlier shield law were not effective in preventing or combating Cyber crime. In 2016, the EU commission endorsed a new transatlantic internet privacy shield law designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission. The new law provides companies in the EU and the U.S. with a mechanism to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data between the U.S. and the EU.

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