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Connected & Protected

What does this mean?

*When Hotspot Shield is on you get...*

  • Security – All sites are made HTTPS safe
  • Privacy – Identity protection, private browsing
  • Freedom – Access your favorite sites
  • Malware – Protection – Detects and blocks malware sites

We are ad-supported

Running the most popular free VPN service in the world isn’t cheap. Our service is supported by ads. You will see ads on our home page, across the top of every page you browse and occasionally as a pop-up. You may also have downloaded our toolbar, which enables private, protected online search.

Experiencing any issues?

If you are seeing this page, it means you were able to install and connect with our software. If you experience any difficulties connecting or browsing your favorite sites in the future, please visit our FAQs or support forums.

To get the latest version of Hotspot Shield, send an email to for Windows and for Mac.

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Quick tip:

If you are getting blocked or experiencing difficulties, many times you can just “disconnect” and “reconnect” Hotspot Shield to restore service.

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