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You’re 3 Steps Away from Accessing Netflix US in Japan [or Anywhere Else]

You’re 3 Steps Away from Accessing Netflix US in Japan [or Anywhere Else]

Unblock Netflix US in Japan

Netflix Is Coming to Japan

Netflix has had a busy year of expansion: Australia, New Zealand…. and soon our friends in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka will be able to enjoy House of CardsOrange Is the New Black, and so much more, because Netflix is coming to Japan. But did you actually know there’s no need to wait until then? You can unblock US/UK/French/Canadian Netflix or any other Netflix region no matter where you are. All you need is a tool that easily enables you to change your browsing location and thus fools Netflix into thinking you’re in the region you want to access its content from! Find information and instructions about this work around in this help guide.

Step 1: Download Hotspot Shield on your device

If you have an active account with Netflix and are traveling abroad or located in a country where Netflix does not offer its services yet, there is a trick to make Netflix thinks you are where you would like to be ;) Hotspot Shield app can get you access to Netflix’s content from any country. Your IP address is what gives away your location to online stores. With Hotspot Shield, you can conceal your IP address and browse anonymously. Hotspot is a VPN, or virtual private network, that hides your IP address so you don’t fall prey to geo-restrictions. Start by getting your free download now:

Download Hotspot Shield on iTunes

Download Hotspot Shield on Android

Download Hotspot Shield on Windows Phone

Download Hotspot Shield Direct

Step 2: Change your virtual location inside the app

Turn on the Hotspot Shield app and select from where you want to access the content from. If you wish to access Netflix US shows and movies then all you need to do is select ‘United States’ as your virtual location inside the app. Or if you wish to access some shows only available in Australia, then you’ll just have to select ‘Australia’.

Hotspot Shield Elite Virtual Locations feature lets you connect to servers in 15+ countries, allowing you to access and view content available in those countries. Hotspot Shield Free version comes by default with the US virtual location. You may upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite to access all 15+ virtual locations. Here you’ll find the instructions by platform to switch your virtual location to the country of your choice.

To double-check that your new IP address is in the correct country, visit findipinfo.com. We highly recommend to clear your browser’s cache and cookies before doing so.

Step 3: Open Netflix, start streaming!

In your web browser go to the Netflix website, or directly from your mobile device open the Netflix app, start your free month/sign in to your existing account and enjoy new shows and movies [supposedly] not available in your region.

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