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How to watch Netflix’s most popular TV shows/movies from outside US

How to watch Netflix’s most popular TV shows/movies from outside US

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Netflix has become my favorite entertainment option. Ever since I got my Netflix subscription, I hardly go to the movie theater anymore.

Netflix has a wide collection of awesome movies and TV series. So, on the weekends that you don’t feel like going out, there are enough movies and shows to keep you entertained for the whole weekend.

Netflix is the perfect entertainment option on rainy or cold days or if you’re traveling abroad.

If you’re traveling abroad, wouldn’t it be great to be able to watch some movies or shows on Netflix when you don’t have anything to do? The only problem is that if you’re staying abroad, you will not be able to access Netflix’s U.S. content. This is due to complicated licensing rights which only allows subscribers living in the U.S. to get access to Netflix’s content.

But, there is a work around to this, which will enable you to watch any content on Netflix from anywhere abroad that has internet connection.

Use Hotspot Shield to bypass Netflix’s Geo-Blocking

Netflix can detect where you are connecting to the Internet from by your IP address, which is assigned to you by the local internet service provider.

The good news is that you can use Hotspot Shield to get a virtual U.S. IP address. By connecting virtually to our servers in the U.S. and using our IP address, you will appear to Netflix as if you’re connecting to its site from the U.S.

Hotspot Shield is the perfect solution to enable you to access blocked content from sites such as Netflix. In addition, Hotspot Shield also protects your privacy and secures your internet connection. So when you browse the Web with Hotspot Shield, not only does the app enables you to unblock sites and content that are otherwise blocked, it also enables to surf the web privately and securely.

Step by Step Instructions to Installing Hotspot Shield and Accessing Netflix’s US Content

If you have an active account with Netflix and are staying abroad, below are the step by step instructions to using Hotspot Shield to get access to Netflix. The Hotspot Shield app is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  1. Download and install Hotspot Shield on your device. Upgrade to the Elite version to get unlimited access to your favorite Netflix selection. The Elite Membership enables you to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously and comes with 9 virtual locations (access even more geo-restricted content).
  2. Sign-in to your Hotspot Shield Elite account.
  3. Select “U.S.” as your virtual location.
  4. Open Netflix, sign-in or “Start Your Free Month”, grab some popcorn, enjoy watching the current top movies and TV shows.

Download Hotspot Shield Now:

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Movie to Watch on Netflix

  • Cast Away – Tom Hanks won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for delivering a powerful performance about human survival and relationships in this movie.
  • Django Unchained – An instant Quentin Tarantino classic that won numerous awards including Academy Awards, Golden Globe, and BAFTA.
  • Silver Linings Playbook – This romantic comedy-drama film starred Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, with well known Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker in supporting roles. This film did a stunningly accurate portrayal of bi-polar life. It received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – This is an epic martial arts movie, with spectacular martial arts fight choreography and amazing scenery.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – In this funny movie, Leonardo DiCaprio protrays the life of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who goes from living the American dream to losing everything because of greed, corruption, and fraud. The movie received lots of positive reviews and was nominated for several awards.
  • Pulp Fiction – One of Quentin Tarantino’s best works, Pulp Fiction is black comedy crime film with full of violence, cool characters, and funny moments.
  • There Will Be Blood – An epic masterpiece with incredible acting performances by Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano.
  • Snowpiercer – A cult hit that garnered amazing reviews among the blogosphere and film critics. A movie interpretation of the graphic novel of the same name.

Must-See TV Series on Netflix

  • House of Cards – 3rd season of the series started on February 27th. Here is a quick overview: U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina starts out as a ruthless politician seeking revenge in this Netflix original production. Promised the post of Secretary of State in exchange for his support, his efforts help to ensure the election of Garrett Walker to the presidency. But Walker changes his mind before the inauguration, telling Underwood he’s too valuable in Congress. Outwardly, Underwood accepts his marching orders, but secretly he and his wife, an environmental activist, make a pact to destroy Walker and his allies. Based on the U.K. miniseries of the same name, the U.S. version offers a look behind the scenes at the greed and corruption in American politics. A number of real-life media figures make cameo appearances.
  • Orange is the New Black – Get ahead of the curve—catch up on all seasons before the July premiere of the 3rd season. Summary: Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her. In her mid-30s she is sentenced to a year in a minimum-security women’s prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. This Netflix original series is based on the book of the same title. Forced to trade power suits for prison orange, Chapman makes her way through the corrections system and adjusts to life behind bars, making friends with the many eccentric, unusual and unexpected people she meets.
  • Friends – Netflix now has all 10 seasons (236 episodes) of “Friends”: Three young men and three young women – of the BFF kind – live in the same apartment complex and face life and love in New York. They’re not above sticking their noses into one another’s businesses and swapping romantic partners, which always leads to the kind of hilarity average people will never experience – especially during breakups.
  • Frasier  Dr. Frasier Crane, a successful Boston therapist, moves to Seattle to get a new start on life; he has a radio talk show, which he uses to relay his wit and wisdom to others, but at times he struggles with his own problems with his salt-of-the-earth father, his pretentious brother and his friends and co-workers.
  • Scandal  “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes returns with another drama for ABC. Olivia Pope, a former media consultant to the president, is ready to move on with her life and opens her own crisis-management firm, but she can’t seem to shake ties with her past. Olivia’s staff includes opinionated investigator Abby and hacker extraordinaire Huck. As she moves forward it becomes clear that, while her staffers may specialize in cleaning up the lives of other people, they can’t seem to do the same for themselves.
  • Breaking Bad – Every Breaking Bad episode from the critically acclaimed drama’s five seasons is now available on Netflix. It is about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher Walter White thinks his life can’t get much worse. His salary barely makes ends meet, a situation not likely to improve once his pregnant wife gives birth, and their teenage son is battling cerebral palsy. But Walter is dumbstruck when he learns he has terminal cancer. Realizing that his illness probably will ruin his family financially, Walter makes a desperate bid to earn as much money as he can in the time he has left by turning an old RV into a meth lab on wheels.
  • Downtown Abbey – This British drama series follows the lives of the Crawley family and its servants in the family’s classic Georgian country house. The series begins with the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, which leaves Downton Abbey’s future in jeopardy, since the presumptive heirs of Robert, Earl of Grantham — his cousin James, and James’ son, Patrick — die in the catastrophe, leaving the family without a male offspring to take over Downton when the current lord dies. The point is important since Lord Grantham’s children are daughters — Ladies Mary, Edith and Sybil, but the facets of their lives and of those of the below-stairs staff — also a highly regimented world — have fascinating story lines.


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