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Two New Virtual Locations Added for Hotspot Shield – Germany & Canada

Two New Virtual Locations Added for Hotspot Shield – Germany & Canada

vpn virtual locationsAnchorfree has recently added servers in Canada and Germany to create virtual locations in these countries. We now have virtual locations in 6 countries: USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany.

The addition of these 2 new virtual locations means you have access to a larger pool of VPN servers and IP addresses, giving you the fastest connections possible wherever you are. So, If you are living in Canada or Germany, you now can enjoy faster connections to access blocked content, protect your privacy, and secure your Internet communications.

Benefits for Expats

If you are a Canadian or a German who is traveling abroad or living abroad, you now can use these virtual locations to get access to German and Canadian TV channels and TV shows online.

Here are some of the TV channels and online shows that you can access:

  • German TV Channels – RTL, ARD, ZDF, SAT1, 3sat, pro7
  • German TV Shows – Der letzte Bulle, Notruf Hafenkante, Der Tatortreiniger, Toto&Harry, Um Himmels Willen, Danni Lowinski
  • Canadian TV Channels – CBC, CTR, Rogers Anyplace TV
  • Canadian TV Shows – Murdoch Mysteries

These 2 new virtual locations are currently only available for PC and Mac devices. Anchorfree will make so them available for mobile devices soon.

If you haven’t already done so, download Hotspot Shield today and enjoy access to any of our 6 virtual locations, including Germany and Canada!

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