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Now Purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin!

Now Purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin!
Anton Terekhov

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With growing online safety concerns, online shoppers are becoming increasingly wary of sharing their personal credit card information with multiple websites. Bitcoin has been introduced to bring peace of mind to these people. Since one of Hotspot Shield’s aims is to help users keep their online activity safe and web browsing private, we have now added the option for users to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

In the simplest words, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be exchanged from one person to another without having to share information with a third-party middle-man. In other words, it is a relatively easier, more secure and anonymous way of making a payment online without giving out personal information.

How Bitcoin works:

You can buy Bitcoins from a Bitcoin exchange, or from an individual. The digital money is then stored in your online account, called your Bitcoin wallet. To pay someone with Bitcoins, you need their Bitcoin address, which is a code that allows you to send money directly to them. Once you have this address, you can pay them using your Bitcoin Wallet. 

Why should I use Bitcoin?

Since Bitcoin is an anonymous and safe way to make online payments, it has several advantages for users. We want users to be able to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin if they:

  • prefer a safe way of paying online, and do not like submitting their credit card information online
  • are not able to make their purchase through the other payment options offered
  • prefer a private, anonymous way of paying for Hotspot Shield (note: steps to make payment completely anonymous)
  • prefer fast international payments without restrictions (their is no maximum or minimum amount of purchase, and no long delay between payment and receipt)

Things to be careful about:

  • Since Bitcoin is a new currency, it has a volatile value, so avoid purchasing large amounts of Bitcoins unless you are well-aware of the expected fluctuations
  • Bitcoin payments are irreversible unless the recipient decides to send money back to you- so only send payments to trusted parties that expressly offer refunds
  • Unless you take careful measures, your Bitcoin transactions may not be anonymous

(Refer to this article to read more things to be careful about)

How to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin:

All informed and ready to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choose a Bitcoin Wallet: Depending on your preferences, there are several trusted Bitcoin Wallets you can choose from. 
  2. Purchase Bitcoins: As with any currency, you can purchase Bitcoins from several different exchanges, that offer different rates and accept different currencies in return. Alternately, you can also buy them for individuals, but it is always safer to go with a trusted, listed exchange.
  3. Purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin: Go the the HSS Elite Pre-purchase page, choose the option to purchase with Bitcoin and follow the simple instructions.

(You will notice that the prices to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite with Bitcoin are currently discounted – make sure to take advantage of this while it lasts! :) )

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