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What People Think of the iPhone X

What People Think of the iPhone X

Apple just launched the iPhone X(pronounced “10”) on November 3, setting the world ablaze with excitement in the process. With thousands of buyers waiting in line for days outside Apple stores, people definitely can’t wait to get their hands on the iPhone X.

Dozens of websites have posted their official reviews of the iPhone X, so people now have reliable information about how the device actually performs. But before we delve into what people are thinking of the iPhone X, let’s first take a brief look at its specs:

  • Dimensions and weight
    • Height – 5.65 inches (143.66 mm)
    • Width – 2.79 inches (70.9 mm)
    • Depth – 0.30 inch    (7.7 mm)
    • Weight – 6.14 oz      (174 g)
  • Display
    • 5.8-inch (diagonal) all-screen OLED Multi-Touch display
    • 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution at 458 ppi
    • HDR display, True Tone display, Wide color display
    • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Rear camera
    • 12MP wide-angle (ƒ/1.8 aperture) and telephoto (ƒ/2.4 aperture) cameras
    • Optical zoom; digital zoom up to 10x
    • Portrait mode
  • TrueDepth camera (front)
    • 7MP (ƒ/2.2 aperture)
    • Apple Animoji, portrait mode
    • Retina flash
  • Video recording
    • 4K video recording (24, 30, or 60 fps)
    • 1080p HD recording (30 fps or 60 fps)
    • 720p HD recording (30 fps)
    • Optical image stabilization
    • Optical zoom; digital zoom up 6x
  • Battery and battery life
    • Built-in lithium-ion battery
    • Wireless charging (works with Qi chargers)
    • Fast charging
    • Up to 21 hours of talk time (wireless)
    • Up to 12 hours of internet use
    • Up to 13 hours of video playback (wireless)
    • Up to 60 hours of audio playback (wireless)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Face ID facial recognition feature (TrueDepth camera
    • iOS 11 operating system
    • A11 Bionic chip (6 cores)
    • Splash, water, and dust resistant (IP67 under IEC standard 60529)
    • Capacity (64 GB and 256 GB)
    • Colors (Space Gray and Silver)
    • Nano-SIM
    • Price (64 GB at $999, 256 GB at $1,149)

What do the people think?

Countless reviews of the iPhone X from credible sources are now publicly available online, and mostly, it seems like things are looking good for Apple’s new flagship smartphone. Here are some early thoughts about the different aspects of the iPhone X.

The display

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone to feature an OLED screen. It’s not the highest resolution smartphone in the market (for comparison, Sony’s Xperia XZ has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with 801 ppi), but critics are still happy with it—praising the size of the size of the screen as well as the beauty of the colors on the display.

However, what reviewers are most ecstatic about is the display’s excellent performance in low lighting conditions. Critics are raving about the vividness of the display, even in the dimmest environments.

The new Face ID feature

For the iPhone X, Apple has done away with the Home button and replaced it with their new Face ID (iPhone X only). This feature utilizes the TrueDepth camera and a sensor system to detect the user’s face and unlock the phone.

People who’ve had hands-on time with the iPhone X comment that it’s accurate. However, while it works great most of the time even in the dark, it’s still not as fast as Touch ID. Most critics say that the Touch ID is superior. This isn’t great news for the Face ID, which is one of the main selling points of the iPhone X.

The camera

Most critics are impressed with the quality of the photos taken with both the 7MP TrueDepth camera and the 12MP rear camera. Users like the fact that photos look awesome even in low light conditions, and that the optical image stabilization does a good job of preventing blurry photos. Camera enthusiasts also appreciate the Portrait mode and portrait lighting features, which make photos look like they were taken with a DSLR, thereby adding a professional touch.

Opinions are divided, though, regarding the rear camera’s noticeable bump at the back of the phone. Some users think it’s an unattractive addition to an otherwise sleek-looking phone, while others have no problem with it.

The price

At a launch price of $999 for the 64 GB version and $1,149 for the 256 GB version, critics definitely think the iPhone X has a high price tag. In fact, it’s the most expensive iPhone to date. By comparison, the 64 GB iPhone 8 costs $699, $300 less than the iPhone X with the same capacity.

The steep cost of the iPhone X means it is not a smartphone that everyone would feel comfortable buying, but those who do decide to buy it are likely to find it a worthwhile purchase.

The low down

With a truly captivating display, reviewers consider the iPhone’s first foray into OLED territory an astounding success. On the flipside, although the much-hyped Face ID feature is a worthy addition to the iPhone’s plethora of great features, its performance could have been better. The high quality of both the cameras will amaze both camera and iPhone enthusiasts alike.

Plenty of critics think that even with the iPhone X’s high price, it’s still one of the best smartphones to buy this year. Go and get yours soon.

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