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Olympics + Social Media = 2012 Socialympics

Olympics + Social Media = 2012 Socialympics

With the London Olympics affecting everyone these days, the world is experiencing an unprecedented level of involvement in the games through social media. Television stations are featuring hashtags during broadcasts, Olympians are tweeting about their experiences, and fans are following along online with their own reactions.

It’s incredible that we can share in the joy of victory and pain of defeat with millions of others all from the comfort of our homes. The Olympics is all about bringing people together in the name of sportsmanship and good-will. The #NBCFail trend has also made sure that this Olympics is remembered as a historical moment related to the internet and corporate control over free media.

Social Media and the Olympics

Social media is a natural extension of this shared-humanity. Linking people across countries, this shared online connection shows us that in the end, we aren’t so different after all in terms of our views on fun and our views of control over how we access information online.

Did you know that 4.9 billion people around the world are watching and keeping up to date with the 2012 London Olympics? Or that people between the ages of 21 and 35 are most interested in the Olympics compared to all other age groups?

Find out those and other stats in this awesome infographic of how the 2012 Olympics is literally the world’s first online and Social Olympics.

London 2012 Socialympics: an Infographic

London 2012 Socialympics
Infographic by Visual.ly

Are you part of the Socialympics?

We think the growth of social media has enhanced viewer involvement and enjoyment of the summer games. Social Media is making everyone be part of the buzz by simply being online. No longer do you have to be inside the stadium to participate. You can create a much louder uproar by simply posting your reaction online.

What do you think of social media and the Olympics? How are you watching the Olympics?

Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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