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New Hotspot Shield Virtual Locations in Spain and Ireland

New Hotspot Shield Virtual Locations in Spain and Ireland

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We’re excited to announce the addition of two new Virtual Locations: Spain and Ireland. Whether you’re a Spanish or Irish expatriate, or traveling outside of your country, you will probably need to access the websites you browse regularly. However, you will most likely find yourself restricted from these websites, and greeted with a “pleasant message” telling you that “this content is not available from your location”.

To solve this problem, you’ll need to connect to the Internet as if you’re in your country. More technically speaking, you’ll need an IP address located in your country so the website thinks you’re actually connecting from an authorized location.

How Hotspot Shield Can Enable You Bypass Geo-Restrictions

In addition to letting you browse the web securely and privately, another great benefit of using Hotspot Shield is that it enables you to bypass internet filters and firewalls, allowing you to unblock websites. Each time you connect to the Internet with Hotspot Shield, you get a new IP address that will mask and change your real IP address and thus, you can surf the Internet anonymously. Upgrading to Hotspot Shield Elite premium service gives you 18+ countries to connect through and access to your favorite content, all with the press of a button. For instance, by choosing our Spanish Virtual Location, geo-blocked channels like RTVE.es (Spain) will assume that you’re actually accessing their services inside Spain.

Content You Can Unblock with the New Spain Virtual Location

Hotspot Shield Elite members now have a Spain Virtual Location to access content only available for people connecting with a Spanish IP address. With an Elite subscription, you can choose the Spain Virtual Location to unblock Atres Player, TV channels like, TVE La 1, TVE La 2, Gol TV, TYC Sports, Neox Kidz and more. You can also access youtube videos and play games only available from Spain.

Content You Can Unblock with the New Ireland Virtual Location

With the Ireland Virtual Location, Hotspot Shield Elite members will now get unrestricted access the local Irish sites, such as RTÉ player3 player, UTV player, and numerous gaming sites. Ireland is well known for its online poker rooms. Players from all over the world can now use Hotspot Shield to access online pokers room in Ireland, and measure their skills against the best players in the world. With Hotspot Shield Elite, the Virtual Location feature makes it easy to access your favorite Irish content with fast and secure connections.

How to Change Virtual Locations with Hotspot Shield

Switching Virtual Locations is a premium feature available to users who have subscribed to Hotspot Shield Elite. Once you have downloaded the app on your device (desktop or mobile), you need to sign in to your premium account to change your IP address location. For help with Virtual Locations, visit our Help Center.

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Unrestricted Internet for Everyone

In our efforts to bring an unrestricted and open Internet to every online citizen worldwide, we are continuously striving to provide more freedom to access content. If you have any requests for special locations you would like us to add, please let us know in the comments.


Please contact us via our Help Center at any time with any questions or suggestions you have!


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