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How Hackers use the Delilah Malware for Blackmail

How Hackers use the Delilah Malware for Blackmail

Best VPN for Malware ProtectionA new strain of malware is raising the eyebrows of the security community, with long term consequences for any infected users. Known as “Delilah,” the malicious software is said to seed itself into the system of a user, remaining dormant within folders and collecting sensitive data to be used for blackmail later on.

The Delilah malware is a new strain that was recently discovered by Israel-based threat intelligence Daskin Advanced Technologies (DAT). According to DAT, the moment Delilah infects a device, it hides and lurks within the system to gather sensitive information about the user. The data can then be used by cyber criminals to manipulate victims and extract a company’s classified information.


Collection Method:

The main data collection method used by Delilah on infected devices is via the user’s webcam, which films the user without his knowledge. Delilah does this by using a social engineering plug-in that connects to the webcam; one sign that information is being collected by this malware is the constant freezing of the monitor. Freezing can last more than 10 seconds due to the high volume of shots that are being taken by the webcam. While the process is underway, error messages usually appear when turning on the webcam.

Once a cybercriminal gets hold of a user’s sensitive information – which can include private, family or workplace-related information – the user is blackmailed and forced to cooperate. The victim is then recruited into becoming an insider threat.

In terms of system penetration, the Delilah malware is currently known to be contacted only through downloads via adult or gaming sites. But with online attacks becoming even more sophisticated, the possibility of the malware strain being contracted via drive-by downloads and infected links, among others, is increasing.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Malware Protection:

Being blackmailed is not something you would want, which makes Delilah even more threatening than most malware strains that plague the Internet. Fortunately, there are many simple ways for you to protect your device.

The easiest way out of all the available options is installing a VPN for malware protection such as Hotspot Shield on your device. Hotspot Shield can protect your device from Delilah and other malicious software by blocking websites that are known to contain malware, using a database that is always updated for maximum protection. This makes your online sessions safer and much more worry-free.


Hotspot Shield provides new ways for you to enjoy your online sessions. Aside from added malware protection, Hotspot Shield VPN also let’s you:

  • Hide your IP address, temporarily replacing it with a US IP address.
  • Browse online more securely and privately.
  • Unblock websites that are geo-blocked or filtered by your administrator.
  • Surf online anonymously, protecting you from snoopers.
  • Connect to public hotspots without having to worry about hackers.

All of these benefits can be enjoyed at no cost, because Hotspot Shield is available for free for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices!

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