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These are Google’s most important security features

These are Google’s most important security features

Giant internet companies, like Google, are always doing upgrades to their systems. Generally, these updates contain security features, so it’s important that you understand them. With data breaches on the rise and hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, you need to be on your guard to prevent becoming a victim. And as we all know, these internet giants know an awful lot of your sensitive data, and it’s your job to know how to protect it. Here are some Google security features you need to know:

Google security features

& security section

Log into your Google account and choose “My Account.” You should see a section labeled “Sign-In & Security.” When you click here, you can do things like change your password, set up a security question, and enable two-factor authentication. You can also connect your cell phone with your Google account, which allows you to reset your password via text.

Finding your phone section

By connecting your cell phone to your account, you can also use Google to track and find your phone if you misplace it (or it gets stolen). This feature tracks your phone via GPS and gives you an exact location. It works anywhere in the world, too.

Security checkup section

Google also has a security checkup feature, basically showing you any areas where your account may not be secure. If you see any yellow “caution” notes, you can then fix the security issue right there and then.

Personal info & privacy section

Here, you can control all of your private and sensitive information. You can determine who you allow to see your data and also what data Google can save. Some of the information here includes your gender, birthday, name, and phone number. These are the types of sections people generally neglect, but as we’ve seen in the recent Facebook scandal, it’s important to know exactly what data you’ve (perhaps unknowingly) granted access for others to see or share.

Privacy checkup section

In this section, you can review all of your privacy settings and adjust them how you see fit. You can do this by clicking on “Get Started.” If you keep clicking through, you can also see information on what you are sharing on YouTube and who can see your YouTube videos. Other things you can do here include Google Play settings as well as ad settings.

My activity section

In this section, you can see and make changes to all of your activity on apps and on the web. You can connect these to make searches go faster, and you can see and change information on Google Maps, YouTube, and even voice requests. Additionally, you can erase all of your activities.

Account preferences section

Finally, you should take a look around in the Account Preferences section. This allows you to change up your Google Drive settings, adjust language settings, and even update your payment methods. You can additionally delete any accounts you don’t want to be associated with your Google account.

Keep your devices secure

Whenever accessing sensitive data online, like banking or even when setting up your Google security features, make sure your device itself is secure. Because if it isn’t, then your Google account can be compromised. This means using an antivirus and connecting to the web via Hotspot Shield VPN, especially when on free, unsecured WiFi like at a coffee shop or airport.

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