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What is the fastest VPN on the market?

What is the fastest VPN on the market?

When you’re looking for a VPN, or virtual private network, one of your main priorities is that it’s a fast VPN. But which is the fastest VPN of all?

To find out, lets analyze AV-Test’s independent study on the fastest VPN service. This is the most recent and comprehensive set of testing to date. AV-Test, a leading security and performance auditor, studied 12 top VPN services and performed more than 130,000 performance tests to measure the speed and overall performance of each product.

Here’s how the report played out:

Top fast VPN

After its extensive testing, AV-Test reported that Hotspot Shield had the fastest VPN of all, comfortably outdoing the competition and recording speeds four times faster than Cisco.

You can read the full report here, but perhaps the following slide is the most important when it comes to the speed test. As you can see, Hotspot Shield VPN is more than twice as fast as its nearest competitor. For the remaining products, speeds were reasonably similar, with the slowest four VPNs dropping off significantly.

What is the fastest free VPN?

PC World agrees with the AV-Test report, calling Hotspot Shield “by far the fastest VPN.” This includes our free VPN as well as our premium VPN product.

Why is Hotspot Shield such a fast VPN?

It all comes down to our proprietary protocol named Catapult Hydra. We invested heavily in the development of our own protocol and spent many years perfecting the technology. Compared to the competition, our protocol optimizes multiple server connections that are significantly stronger and faster over long distances (for instance, connecting between Frankfurt and San Francisco could be twice as fast when using Hotspot Shield than without it).

Traditionally, VPN products all utilize the same open-source protocol. By developing our own tech in-house, we delivered the ultimate in performance and next-level security, as verified by AV-Test.

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Which VPN service is best?

What VPN service works best for you is based on the features you need most, as well as the trustworthiness of the company behind the product.

For instance, many VPN companies sell your data to advertisers. AV-Test conducted a recent report on the most trustworthy VPN providers, and again, Hotspot Shield VPN came out on top.

The key elements that helped secure the top spot were that Hotspot Shield VPN does not log your internet sessions and therefore has no data to sell. We also publish an annual Transparency Report to legally prove this, something most other VPN providers do not do.

As AV-Test points out, many VPN providers are actually based in China. If you look at the sites, you’ll see no mention of who owns the company, the address of the office, or who the board of directors are. This is especially concerning for users who are entrusting their sensitive data with a company they know nothing about.

At Hotspot Shield, we vow to be transparent, providing all of our company details, so you can be sure your privacy is protected.

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Other considerations when downloading a fast VPN

Being a fast VPN that does not collect logs is especially important. But it’s not all that matters. You also need a secure VPN that will protect you against hackers, and a reliable VPN that can unblock content that may be restricted in your location or on a specific WiFi network.

You should also look for features like a Kill Switch, which will automatically cut your internet connection if the VPN service drops out. This ensures that, unbeknown to you, you won’t be online at a coffee shop with your private data exposed to anyone connected to that same network.

Other features you’ll want to know is whether it can successfully unblock streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube (many VPNs do not). Does it offer the virtual server locations you need? Or how about getting unblocked games at school? If these are important features to you, you’ll want to know that your fast VPN is up to the task.

How can you find out?

Alongside the free VPN product, Hotspot Shield offers a 7-day free trial of Hotspot Shield Premium, along with an industry-leading 45-day money-back guarantee. This enables you to try the paid product for yourself to determine if it fits your needs. If not, Hotspot Shield’s free service is available to everyone.


When looking for a fast VPN, it’s important that you trust the company behind the service. It’s no use having blindingly fast performance if your personal data is being sold without your consent to advertisers. And a fast VPN is worthless if it doesn’t unblock the content you want while adequately securing you against cybercrime.

At Hotspot Shield VPN, we belive in our product and we invite you to try it out for free yourself. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

So don’t let a slow connection bog you down. Download the fastest VPN today and take your internet experience to the next level.

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