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Fall TV Unrestricted with Hotspot Shield VPN

Fall TV Unrestricted with Hotspot Shield VPN

Unblock TV shows online with Hotspot Shield

Whether it’s answers to the last season’s cliffhanger or the discovery of a new show, this season’s TV show lineup certainly has something for everyone.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to watch these shows online. This is because many of the websites that allow live streaming and on-demand viewing for these titles are not accessible in certain locations. This can be either because the content that is  geo-blocked, or the network prevents access to it.

The best way to gain access to TV shows online is by using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN makes it seem like you are browsing the Internet from another location, eliminating restrictions that prevent you from watching your favorite show online. If there are shows slated for this season that you want to watch online, then you should definitely get a VPN.

Get the Best VPN for Gaining Access to TV Shows Online 

TV Show Network Date
American Horror Story FX September 14
South Park Comedy Central September 14
The Big Bang Theory CBS September 19
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox September 20
NCIS CBS September 20
New Girl Fox September 20
Scream Queens Fox September 20
Empire Fox September 21
Law & Order: SVU NBC September 21
Modern Family ABC September 21
Grey’s Anatomy ABC September 22
How to Get Away With Murder ABC September 22
Superstore NBC September 22
The Exorcist Fox September 23
Hawaii Five-0 CBS September 23
Family Guy Fox September 25
The Simpsons Fox September 25
Criminal Minds CBS September 28
Madam Secretary CBS October 2
2 Broke Girls CBS October 10
Supernatural CW October 13
Jane the Virgin CW October 17
The Walking Dead AMC October 23

Get the best VPN for unblocking TV shows online now

Watch TV shows online with Hotspot Shield VPN

Access region-locked content

A lot of on-demand and live streaming websites can only be accessed in certain territories due to copyright and distribution issues. These region-locked websites make use of location-based filters to determine your location by checking your IP address against a list of accepted locations. With Hotspot Shield, your real IP address is temporarily replaced with one from our list of virtual locations, allowing you to access content restricted to that location.

Watch TV shows online in school or at work

Most of today’s schools and workplaces are equipped with hotspots that allow people to connect to the Internet for free. The problem with the connections in these places, however, is that some websites and content are blocked by local network administrators, including video streaming sites. These filters are set up for a lot of reasons, such as to keep bandwidth consumption low, since a lot of people can be connected at any given time.

But if you’re a responsible user, there’s nothing wrong with watching TV shows from time to time while connected to the school or work Wi-Fi. Using a VPN software like Hotspot Shield makes this possible by letting you bypass local network firewalls and filters, allowing you to gain access to and enjoy your favorite TV shows at the cafeteria or your workstation.

Watch TV shows online and enjoy your favorites by downloading Hotspot Shield VPN for your device now!

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