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What To Expect From The iPhone 8

What To Expect From The iPhone 8

What To Expect From The iPhone 8It’s been almost a decade since Apple made its mark as one of the premier smartphone manufacturers, blending style, substance, and usability into one slim and futuristic looking package: the iPhone.

Over the years, they’ve refined and innovated on this model, keeping it up to date with the latest in innovative hardware, as well as improving the software capabilities of the device to keep up with the ever-developing world of applications and online content. And while they’ve certainly had some strong showing from competitors, Apple’s dedication to form and function still set it apart from its peers.

All of this is set to culminate in the release of the iPhone 8. Call it Apple’s celebratory device for a decade of dedication to creating a smartphone for the sophisticated city-dweller, or a new step towards taking the lead as the world’s premier smartphone – it’s coming, and it promises to bring a lot.

How much is a lot, though? Let’s look at the most interesting features the iPhone 8 is expected to have so far.



First off, the screen. Remarkably, the iPhone 8 is rumored to be finally introducing an OLED screen to its users. While LCD panels require a lighting system behind them to function in smartphones – which is why a lot of smartphone have backlights – OLED produce their own lights, consuming less power. In addition, OLED lights have pixels that can individually control their color gamut, allowing for truer blacks and a more dynamic color range for a much brighter, crisper display.

As far as the processing power of the iPhone 8, it’s been rumored since May of this year that the Apple will be integrating their next-generation processors into a 10nm chip instead of the 16 nm used with the iPhone 7. The “nm” refers to how the chip itself was manufactured: the lower the number, the more transistors are able to fit on the chip, allowing for fast processing speed and more value from the phone’s battery.


Click, click

Apple has always pushed the capabilities of their iPhone cameras with each iteration, and the iPhone 8 proves no different. It’ll still carry the dual-lens camera from the iPhone 7, and will feature optical image stabilisation.

One of the biggest pushes that Apple is also looking for is the inclusion of augmented reality. Using depth manipulation and image isolation within the phone’s camera, the iPhone 8 is rumored to be able to fully use the depth sensing technology recently developed to allow AR to be more feasible with its devices.


Form and function

One of the biggest (literally) changes of the iPhone 8 is the screen-to-body ratio. Smartphones now are moving towards having most or the entire face of the phone taken up by the screen, which would spell wonders for interactivity, but would require significant cuts in the space usually left for the navigation and home buttons.

However, with the iPhone 8 rumored to include 3d facial recognition technology, it seems like the bezel of the device will pursue the bigger screen yet, removing the Touch ID feature seen in the previous iPhones in favor of more space.

With the release so near, these rumors may very well be on their way to being proved or disproved. One thing’s for certain – Apple’s far from done in being competitive with the rest of their peers in the smartphone market. They’re just getting started.

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