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Content You Can Access With Hotspot Shield’s New “Russian” Virtual Location

Content You Can Access With Hotspot Shield’s New “Russian” Virtual Location
Anton Terekhov

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Ready to go to see the world? You don’t have to buy a plane ticket and soar to the other side of the globe to get a taste of what other countries offer. Hotspot Shield Elite recently added nine new virtual locations, including:

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Along with the virtual locations Hotspot Shield already offered, such as Australia and Japan, these new options open up a new universe of content. What exactly is a virtual location, how does it work, and, what new entertainment wonders does the “Russian” virtual location make available?

Explaining Virtual Locations

Simply put, when you use Hotspot Shield’s virtual location options, you use an IP address that tricks websites into thinking you’re accessing them from a country other than where you are. This is ideal for travelers and expats who want easy access to familiar sites in their own language.

Without using a virtual location, you will find that the content you can view is limited. License agreements and other fine print mean some sites are geo-restricted; only users in certain locations can access them. However, with a virtual location, those cyber-borders disappear. You’ll experience a faster connection, as well.

Russia’s Music Offerings

If you’re trying to learn another language, music serves as a helpful memory device. Of course, if you just like the flavor of Russian music, that’s all right, too. When you switch your virtual location to Russia, you can access the content on music.yandex.ru, a streaming service that features pop hits and other popular music from that region of the world. From the U.S., you can see what’s available, but if you try to play anything, you’ll get a message that says the content is only available to people in Russia and certain other countries.

Zaycev.net is another music website. It offers free compilations of tracks based on certain themes. There is even some music in English on the site, including classics from B.B. King. Choose music by genre or by year, or use other search parameters to find your perfect tunes.

Zvooq also offers music via its website and mobile apps. Since Hotspot Shield is available for both Android and iOS, you can use Zvooq and take music with you wherever you go.

Russia’s Video Offerings

Netflix is not yet available in Russia, but there are some video streaming services in the country that serve up high-quality entertainment. Rutube, for example, has a host of shows you could never watch in the U.S. without adorning your computer with a new IP address. The site has comedies, dramas, and popular hits.

Ivi.ru is another streaming service with TV shows, cartoons, and movies. It even has a music section that features hits from the U.S. as well as the Russian-speaking part of the world. You can browse through high-definition content or choose what you want to watch based on the year it was released.

TNT-online as well as 1TV.ru are two of Russia’s most popular TV channels, which are also only available for Internet users located in Russia.

How to Access Russian Content

Whether you are a Russian expat who wants a taste of home, you love the Russian culture, or you just want to see what the web has to offer beyond the borders of the country where you live, changing your virtual location is the way to get what you want. But how exactly do you do that? Follow these easy steps:

1) Turn on Hotspot Shield on your device. The app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Use one of the below links to get started with Hotspot Shield.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial on iTunes

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial Direct

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Trial on Android

2) Subscribe to Hotspot Shield Elite. This will open up content from across the world (choosing from 18 virtual locations), but it has other benefits as well. It will give you unlimited and unrestricted access to your favorite content, optimal protection when you use public Wi-Fi, you’ll have an ad-free browsing experience, and you can safeguard up to five devices at the same time. You can upgrade directly from the app or by visiting this page.

3) Open Hotspot Shield on your device, whether it is a phone, tablet, or computer. Turn on your protection, and then head to the “virtual location” setting and choose “Russia”. You can change your virtual location at any time, so you can always go back and access content from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia or France. Make sure you are logged in to your Elite account in order access all 18 virtual locations.

To double-check that your new IP address is in the correct country, visit findipinfo.com. We recommend to clear your browser’s cache and cookies before doing so.

4) In your web browser, go to Russian websites and enjoy streaming music, videos…

While changing your computer’s IP address isn’t exactly as exciting as traveling around the world, it does open new opportunities for exploration. You’ll discover new music and videos that you could never view otherwise. See here for some suggestions of content you can access from anywhere with Hotspot Shield Elite virtual locations.

If you have difficulties using Hotspot Shield and need support or have questions, contact us via our help desk. We will be happy to help!

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