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Team Pango March 5, 2013

Compressing Costs & Bandwidth

GettyImages_142019855If you own a smartphone, do you find yourself occasionally going over your data limit plan? Have you sometimes noticed that your data speed is much slower than usual? This is because some mobile operators throttle the bandwidth to smartphone users for the extra data consumption. The next thing you know, you see your mobile phone bill skyrocket to the top.  This can get a bit annoying, especially if you use up data on your smartphone often.

With the rise of smartphones users and data consumption, more mobile phone companies increase the price on their smartphone data plans. According to an article on, over half of mobile phone users in the top five European markets own a smart phone. The article mainly talks about the average costs of compression and data consumption in European countries. The G/LTE data average costs is $2.50 per GB in Europe, which is around half the global average of $486. Scribd also mentions how Hotspot Shield can help reduce your bandwidth on iPhone or Android mobile device.

Click here to read this article and learn how to save money on your mobile phone bill with Hotspot Shield!

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