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British Expats: You’ll Wish You Had Known About This App Earlier

British Expats: You’ll Wish You Had Known About This App Earlier

Living abroad brings an endless string of surprises. This is a great thing when those surprises involve new foods, stunning landscapes and connections with other cultures. But, when being an expat means missing favorite shows or getting locked out by your bank, they’re the sort of surprises we’d all rather avoid. When opting for the expat life, the Hotspot Shield app should be considered as an essential as it can save you a lot of concern.

What Hotspot Shield does and why expats should care?

Wherever you are when you get online to watch shows, pay bills or look at your bank account, your IP address* broadcasts your general location. And, depending on the type of connection you use, the information you send can be readable by those who would like to snoop. Hotspot Shield allows you to produce an IP address that corresponds with any part of the world you want. Plus, on public connections like those found in coffee shops and cafes, it allows you to protect sensitive data you are sending back and forth.

How you can use Hotspot Shield while you are abroad

The Hotspot Shield app can make many of your online activities possible no matter where you are while keeping your private data more safe. A few daily uses are:

Watch your favorite British shows/channels from outside UK

UK-based sites like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, Wuaki TV, Netflix UK and others use regional restrictions known as geo-blocking to show their content only within the UK. But, when you are away, you still want to be able to watch favorite shows, follow the news and enjoy subscription content that you have paid for. Hotspot Shield allows you to virtually change your location to your home country so you can watch without issues.

Browse securely from anywhere

When you connect to the wifi in hotels, airports and coffee shops, chances are you are using an unsecured connection. These allow you to get online without passwords, but, they can also leave your data vulnerable to hackers. Hotspot Shield also allows you to browse securely.

This can be especially important when you look at your bank account, enter your credit card into an e-commerce site or access any personal and sensitive information.

Get around other geo-blocking restrictions

When you are out of the country, your bank may block access to their site. This is intended for customer protection, but, it can keep you from doing what you need to do online to stay financially secure. Using Hotspot Shield app allows you to appear like you are browsing from home, so you can keep up with the financial transactions you need.

This can also come into play when you are logging into work from abroad, looking at your medical provider’s site or any other site where geo-blocking may be used. In some regions websites such as BBC, Pandora, Youtube, Skype, Viber, Netflix are not available either because of copyright laws or government censorship.

Access sites blocked in a country

Various countries block access to certain websites for political and other reasons. But, with Hotspot Shield VPN, you can get past the blocks and continue your online life, accessing your social media profiles, reading news and keeping up with your favorite home-country content.

Maintain your privacy while browsing

No one likes to be snooped on. Hotspot Shield app masks your IP address from websites to allow you to browse the web anonymously. It also hides your traffic when you are on a public connection, so you can look at what you want without fear of hackers or other invasions into your privacy.

If you work online while you are out of the country, this can be especially important. Any proprietary data you send can be protected. This results in better piece of mind for you, the company you work for and your clients.

Why Hotspot Shield?

With over 350 million downloads, Hotspot Shield is the most popular and trusted VPN on the market. Users can choose between a free ad-supported version or a premium version that runs ad-free. The premium version, Hotspot Shield Elite, offers unlimited bandwidth, faster speed, comes with 15+ virtual locations, a dedicated support team and lets you protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Don’t trust your data and your time online to anyone else. Available on mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop (Windows, Mac) devices, try us out today.


If you have any question about Hotspot Shield or need help, please contact our awesome Support Team via our help desk. We will be more than happy to get you up and running!

*IP address: a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

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