Blog Bloomberg interview with AnchorFree’s CEO
The AnchorFree Team August 29, 2013

Bloomberg interview with AnchorFree’s CEO

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 6.51.34 PMAnchorFree CEO, David Gorodyansky, recently interviewed with Deidre Bolton on Bloomberg TV to discuss how Hotspot Shield provides online privacy and security. In the interview, Gorodyansky explains the technical side of how Hotspot Shield works to secure and protect the privacy of its’ users.

On the topic of privacy infringement and the rise of identity theft in the US, Gorodyansky also mentions the importance of online security now that the world is shifting towards mobile. All communication done over the web such as emailing, text messaging, sending photos, etc. is unsecure – therefore “old school” security software alone is not enough to protect the consumer’s private information. Gorodyansky further explains the difference between Hotspot Shield and McAfee and Symantec’s “old school” security software: McAfee and Symantec’s security software only protects the device alone, whereas Hotspot Shield is designed to protect the web and the consumer’s identity and private information.

Towards the end of the interview, Gorodyansky reveals the company’s future goals such as improvement and growth. Watch the interview here.

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