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Avoid Website Drive-By Attacks Using a VPN

Avoid Website Drive-By Attacks Using a VPN

Best Internet Security VPN for Drive-by Attacks

Many websites are not as safe as you think because of drive-by attacks, but it’s nothing that the best Internet security VPN can’t handle.

While most website owners and administrators employ online security best practices, sometimes these are not enough to prevent cybercriminals from using their sites as stages for their malicious activities. Installing a VPN is one of the easiest ways to beef up your security against drive-by attacks when browsing online, and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

What is a Drive-by Attack?

A drive-by attack, also called a drive-by download, is a web-based attack that forces a device into downloading malware just by visiting a website that runs malicious code. Drive-by attacks are designed to trace vulnerabilities, bugs and glitches in software, using exploit kits to identify possible entry points.

The delivery of payload happens without the knowledge of the user because the whole process takes place in the background, and it takes only about half a second on average for an infection to occur.

Once a device has been infected, hackers can then install other malware on the device to fuel other malicious activities. They can force-install spyware and keylogger software to gain access to private accounts, prevent a user from using a device, and even take full control of the system.

The threat of drive-by attacks is present all over the Internet. In its Security Bulletin 2015 report, Kaspersky’s list of top 20 malicious programs most actively involved in web-based attacks against computers is made up mostly of objects used in drive-by attacks. The list was created using a database of 121,262,075 unique malicious scripts, exploits and .exe files, among others.

A lot of websites today are also at risk. Those that are more than five years old account for more than half of all sites hosting drive-by attacks, according to the Good Websites Gone Bad study published by Barracuda Labs in April 2012.

Barracuda Labs also found in the same study that over 10 million online users were exposed to drive-by exploits in February that same year, after analyzing the world’s top 25,000 websites at that time.

Protect Yourself Using the Best Security VPN

Once your device has been infected, there is no effective cure, and the only way to free it from a malware infection caused by drive-by attacks is by restoring factory settings, deleting with it all your important files. That’s why it is important to prevent drive-by attacks from targeting your device, and the best way to do this is by installing a VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Using a malware database that is updated every day, Hotspot Shield VPN protects your device from websites that host drive-by downloads by preventing it from accessing those websites, providing added malware protection. Hotspot Shield VPN is compatible with most Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices, and can be downloaded for free.

Other benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN include website unblock, anonymous surfing, advanced encryption technology for private and secure browsing, IP address masking, and protection against snoopers and hackers while connected to public hotspots.

Don’t be a victim of website drive-by attacks. Download the best Internet security VPN now and enjoy a secure and more enjoyable browsing experience. Visit our blog to know more about Hotspot Shield VPN and its benefits.


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